Reflections of Courage

There were plenty of reasons as to why I chose to blog about the word courage. Strangely enough this year, everywhere I have turned there seemed to be the word courage to push me forward and continue on. My favorite singer wrote an album about having courage, yet she entitled it Fearless. This album came out in my freshman year of high school, and has continue to evolve along with me as I aged. In August, I took a chance – much like in Letters to Juliet. Ironically, it was courage that enabled me to write the letters that were needed, and courage to open each and every letter I recieved. I very much believe following your heart is one of the most courageous acts one can committ. Especially, if there is a constant gnawing of ‘what if’ in the back of your mind. It takes a brave heart to put themselves back in the direct line of path to see if the something they so desperately need feels the same. Then came the point where I was about to start my CNA classes. I was once the girl who would close her eyes at every scary point in a movie, and become lightheaded about the talk of blood. Yet somehow, I found myself volunteering at Sharon Hospital in maternity watching births and c-sections – and for whatever reason, I was no longer scared. We truly have to believe We Must Do That Which We Think We Cannot. This gave me the passion for healthcare, which in turn is why I was able to accomplish my CNA certification on 12.07.11. Everywhere I turned – music, movies, quotes, and life experiences I noticed how important courage was needed. The blog I enjoyed writing the most about was courage in the Marine Corps. This type of courage is something all together different than the courage I have had to face this year. While I was just trying to survive high school and work as a CNA, my type of courage seems miniscule compared to the courage others have had to show. I enjoyed this blog more than others was because of personal interest – the reason I read books like Jarhead…I want to be able to understand what my fiance is going through. I know I never will be able to, as I am a civilian, but it is nice to read memoirs and listen to personal experience. Eric will be going to Afghanistan in October, and there is nothing I believe that requires more courage than to stand up in The Few and the Proud as he has. Meanwhile, the blog I enjoyed having to write the least was my first blog. It felt choppy and I felt confined. I wasn’t able to show the word courage just through its definition. I found various strenghts in the word courage as it could be related to so many things – life, love, the impossible, accomplishments, etc. There were so many more topics I would have liked to explore.


A Journey with Uncertainty

I had an extremely difficult time picking a word for this project. I felt like there were so many different words that I could do that would work well with the project, but none of them really caught my attention. I debated what word I would (alliteration much) do all the way until Mrs. Bennett asked me what word I was doing. When she asked me, all I could do was stare blankly at the sheet of words. Nothing jumped out at me. So Mrs. Bennett let me think about it for the rest of class, and then asked me again. I looked at the sheet of words, and said the first word that I noticed. Uncertainty. At first, I had no idea why Mrs. Bennett started laughing at me. I thought maybe she was making fun of me…had I said something stupid? And then I realized that I chose a word that represented what mood I was in. I did not know what word to pick, or in other words, I was uncertain about what word to do. The irony of the situation was not lost on me. But what I did not know was that throughout this entire blog entry, I would take a journey with uncertainty, learning many life lessons from it.

My final belief about uncertainty is that the word is complex and extremely useful. However, I believe that it represents weakness. It represents a weakness is deciding, for example, you are uncertain about what to eat for dinner. Or, uncertainty can represent insanity. If a person is insane or not balanced in their mind, you can never know what is going on inside of your head. Your uncertainty if they are truly in their right of mind or not. However, because the word can be applied to so many things and situations in the world, I believe that the word itself is strong. A good word can have multiple uses and be used a lot. Thus uncertainty represents weakness, but because weakness exists so often in human nature, the word is used a lot. Thus the word is strong.

As I began researching my word, I realized how much uncertainty applied to me, more beyond how I was feeling when picking a word for this assignment. I realized how uncertainty fit my personality in many ways, and applied currently to what is going on in my life. I constantly am uncertain myself and my actions. I am not sure what to do in many situations, and go back and forth on my opinions. I care too much about what other people think. I am not always definite in my decisions, and when I do make a decision, I reflect back and over think that decision. In other words, my actions constantly are haunted by uncertainty. But that often has to do with lack of self confidence. Throughout this project, I have seen how uncertainty does represent me in many ways, and how every person is connected to uncertainty.

Uncertainty has come up a lot in my life lately. My future, at one point this year, was completely uncertain. From first applying to ten colleges, than not having any idea which one I would end up at. As I waited for my decisions, and all of my friends were accepted into colleges and were gushing about where they were going next year, I was completely uncertain of my future. I felt like after high school, I had no place to go. I felt lost. And then, I was denied from eight of the ten colleges that I applied to( waitlisted at two of them and then not accepted from the waitlist… in this article notice the last word of the first sentence XP). I learned a new kind of uncertainty. Not only was I uncertain of the future, but I became uncertain in myself- in my abilities as a student. For years, I have worked hard, and always assumed that if I worked hard, that I would go to my number one or number two schools. This belief was destroyed when I was denied from basically all of my schools. I was even more uncertain of my abilities as a student and as a person than I ever had been before.

There were some points in writing this blog that I completely ran out of ideas of what to say. That was probably right before I went to the rainforest. This is when I probably wrote my worst blog, “Uncertainty in Literature…and other places…” In the blog, I did not correctly identify the uncertainty in Beloved. Instead, I implied what I believed to be uncertainty, and did not prove it. And because I believed that my entire post was not solid, I added random comic strips and lyrics in the hopes that they would save the post. In reality, it just made the entire post a jumbled mess. At this point, I did not really understand uncertainty, and how it could literally be applied to any situation in the world that involves human nature- because uncertainty is human nature. Even nature itself is filled with uncertainty, and the future of life in general is also filled with uncertainty. This is what I learned by going to the rainforest.

Going to Rara Avis in the Costa Rican Rainforest was probably one of the best experiences in my life. But in many ways, it helped me with my understanding of uncertainty. To quote from what I believe is my best blog, from my two week expedition into the Costa Rican Rainforest, “… my definition and understanding of uncertainty- how uncertain one can be of the future existence of something as beautiful as the rainforest and the world in general- was completely reestablished…” In other words, I realized that uncertainty exists not only on my level, but worldwide. Uncertainty exists everywhere. This was my best blog because everything seemed to clique. I was able to push my understanding of uncertainty to a new level, see the word beyond the definition and see how it can be applied in the world on multiple levels. My life has a lot of uncertainty in it, but so does everyone. I should not let my last year, which has been filled with uncertainty for the future, for my family, and my overall existence, be defined by the feeling of ‘irresolution’. While in many ways uncertainty exists in me, I should not let fear of uncertainty drive my life.


Insanity and I

Everybody sees the world in a different way.  Insanity, by its very nature, is seen by everybody in a different way.  So what does my interest of this particular word show about my unique character?  Stay tuned for more.

I find myself not just interested with insanity, but the nature or the word.  Fifty years ago, a child with autism was insane.  Before that, somebody who had schizophrenia was demonically possessed.  Before that, that same person may have been a priest/priestess for some old polytheistic religion.  Now, take time out of the equation.  How do we observe or, dare I say, help somebody who is deemed insane?  Do we take the psychoanalytic approach? Do we take the cognitive approach?  Neurobiological? Humanistic?  Behaviorist?  Sociocultural?  With all of these differing views on insanity and its roots, how can one possibly hope to even remotely comprehend the word as a whole?

In this way, insanity is uncertainty.  One of my relatives, prior to his death, was a diagnosed schizophrenic.  However, he had developed the illness very late in life and there were strong doubt throughout my family as to whether or not he was simply “acting.”  Sometimes diseases are confused for mystical/spiritual contacts.  How can one be sure of what is happening in another’s head?  The truth is they cannot.  Not only can we not say we are certain of what insanity truly is, but we can never be certain of whether or not it exists.

You see, insanity operates like the skin on a chameleon.  It has no one defined color or appearance, but rather changes and distorts itself to match the environment (or in his case, the relative definition).  As a result, you have no particular way to look at the word.  This was probably what was hardest for me to do when I blogged about insanity.  Defining the word was nearly impossible.  In my first post, I attempted to give the reader an idea of how to look at insanity.  This was my most difficult task in the course of my blogging.  Trying to tell somebody what insanity is is quite the hard task when its definition is literally “The act of being insane.”  I had to show the reader that insanity is many things, determined by everything from environment to a lack/excess of certain chemicals in the brain.  Insanity, in some sense, is whatever you choose to see it as.

That is why I chose the word insanity.  It is like an unsolved mystery with limitless causes and solutions, infinitely many correct and infinitely many wrong.  I see the word as a challenge for being so hard to truly understand, and yet simple as it has so many ways to be understood, so long as the right person shows you the way.  I guess what the word insanity shows most about me is my desire to see and understand other perspectives.  While an Atheist, I love to research all religions, old and new, and see their tenants and stories.  I believe the same applies for my sanity.  While completely sane (hopefully), I find the subject so interesting because it is without a true, definite meaning.  I just like being able to know.


Final Blog Entry: Warmth Reflection

My best entry was about the warmth of fire. I know it was my best entry because of the detail and variety I provided in the blog post. I talked about all of the different uses of fire. Some uses can be very helpful and important to humanity and human survival while other uses of fire are very destructive. While this was my best entry, it was also the hardest entry to write. I had to do research for the details and specifications I used as examples. The strengths of my word were its variety and diversity within society and the way we use different forms of warmth. While warmth can be used to describe psychological needs that individuals require in order to develop properly, warmth can also be a physical feeling of a nice fire in your living room fireplace, the comforting feeling of a soft, warm blanket on a cold winter’s night, or even the warm feeling of the sun beating down on your skin. The psychological needs that humans must have start from infancy where they must form an emotional, mental, and physical connection with their mother figure. All living beings require a certain kind of relationship and connection with another being. In order to develop properly, we must form a connection as a relationship with someone who can show us comfort, security and safety.

The baby polar bear depends on its mother for warmth, safety, and comfort

Warmth is very important to all living beings. Environmentally, humans tend to seek out warmth while some animals avoid their climate changing too much. My post about Global Warming is a perfect example of how animals do not want their environment to heat up. Polar bears suffer from the increasing temperatures in the Arctic. Another entry on the blog that is most closely related to my word, warmth, was Katelyn’s word energy. Energy can be interpreted many ways, just like warmth. Like warmth, energy can be emotional or physical. Energy can be perceived as an energetic vibe that a group or individual gives off or as a source of sustainable energy for lighting or housing appliances. Warmth has the same level of diversity that energy portrays. What I learned about extending the word, warmth, over a period of time in different ways is that my word was very diverse and could be used in many ways. I extended my search to literature, visual entertainment, music, and psychological needs. By researching literature, I found that fire is used as a tool for survival in Lord of The Flies by William Golding. The boys are stranded on an island and decide that their best chance of getting rescued is to build a signal fire. The same idea applied in the television series Lost. Like in Lord of The Flies; the plane passengers are stranded on a deserted island and have to fend for themselves. Using fire as a signal to overhead planes and passing boats, they attempt salvation and rescue. In music, the song Warmth of The Sun by The Beach Boys shows how warmth can be interpreted in many different ways in various types of entertainment as well as emotional and physical aspects.

The people stranded on the island must use their intelligence, team work, and resources in order to survive; this includes staying warm on cold nights, lighting signal fires to get rescued and forming connections with each other to remain mentally and physically strong.

The word warmth operates in the world in relation to other words or concepts because compared to some words, warmth is utilized daily by every person in the world whether they’re aware of it or not. Warmth is at the basis of every mental and physical activity that we participate in. Mentally, we experience warmth when we genuinely greet a family member or friend with a smile. The warmth between relationships is emanated through the love that they display and feel for each other. Physically, the warmth of, or lack of, the sun contributes greatly to our every day activities. Whether we partake in certain activities generally solely depends on what the weather is like. My choice to pick warmth helps define me because I tend to be a very warm and nurturing person. My personality is maternal and comforting. I enjoy helping people reach emotional satisfaction and my nurturing side comes out when I’m around people in need.

The Tolerance of Reflection

Throughout the course of this blogging process, I was able to inquire many new and different details on the word “tolerance”. When I first began this project, all I knew was that this word meant to be accepting and understanding of one another and the variety of traits and characteristics in which we offer to society. At first, I must admit, that I believed it would be easy to come up with multiple blogs on the meaning of one word. I was wrong. Once I completed my blogs on tolerance within the law field, I found myself stumbling on what to talk about next. At times, I found myself stretching the topics to a great length while at others, I found myself breezing right on through. By extending the meaning of this word, I was able to see that the act of tolerance is needed in all aspects of our everyday lives. For example, the role that tolerance has on the arts, music and literature. In my blog post titled “ musical tolerance”, I came to the conclusion that “ just because you may be with someone and they may be listening to music that you do not like, does not mean that they are wrong”. I was always aware that there were different genres of music produced, but I truly became aware while writing this particular blog, that you show tolerance when listening to a form of music that you may not like. In a personal case, if I was to listen to metallic music, I would have to present a great deal of tolerance in order to survive through it.

Despite finding it difficult to create a new topic to discuss, I was able to produce a few blogs that I believe were better than others. My personal favorite would have to be “ Tolerance Through The Students”. I composed this blog in a different way than any of the others. The style of writing was much more formal and personal, which I believe was right for this topic. This blog discusses the lack of tolerance that is seen throughout high school settings today as well as why tolerance is so important to men and women at this age. While writing this blog, I could feel myself connecting with the topic and becoming intrigued with my own opinion. 

Reflecting on my choice of “tolerance” and all of the blogs that I created to go along with it, I notice that in a way, I chose that word because of who I am as a person and the life that I live. I am always at a sports event, school function, party etc. and I see that tolerance is needed in order to perform my best at each of these. I must be tolerant everyday while in school with others around me and I must be tolerant during practices to show my leadership on the field. The excessive amount of researching and blogging that I have done on this word has shown me that who I am as a person is mostly based off of tolerance. In some ways, my blogs have exposed me to a new form of tolerance and has helped me to better understand when and where tolerance can be used. I can now say that when participating in activities such as soccer, listening to music, going to school, or even just hanging around my house, I am more aware of when I need to take the time to be tolerant and also when others around me are being tolerant as well. After looking at this word from so many different perspectives, I hold a greater level of respect for those who are always so kind and generous to everyone and a drive to help those who may not be that way. I see that I am a person who wishes to see more tolerance being spread throughout society. I now know that if tolerance begins to increase, the world will see peace and equality.

Branching off of what I stated in the previous paragraph, the word “tolerance” holds a significant meaning throughout the world today. It comes down to this: tolerance is what brings peace and equality to society. Without tolerance, we would not be accepting to everyone we meet and we would not be able to come to terms on global issues. Compared to other words, I feel as if “tolerance” is an important one that can help people to comprehend the many issues that the world has within this generation.

This entire blogging project has truly been a mind opening experience for me. I have learned that from this word, I am capable of building upon my own character. I can bring myself to become that much more of a well – rounded individual and that much more important of a member within society and its regulations.


I never would have thought that writing a series of blogs on the word “energy” would have an impact, even just a small one, on my life.  I chose the word several months ago because it was intriguing to me.  The whole idea of energy attracts me, because it really is everywhere.  We learn about it in math, science, ag-ed, psychology, and even gym.  One word has such a diverse range of functions.  I chose the word energy for a deeper reason than that, though.  I am not someone who would be described as an energetic person, and I know that I can be quite lazy.  Energy appealed to me, it’s something I’m not. 

                So I began my journey into energy, and was surprised with some of the things I found.  Energy has such a broad range of applications, it’s very easy to find multiple things to write about that center around the word “energy”.  I chose to focus on the multitude of genres of energy, which made this blog fairly simple to write.  If I became stumped with a certain idea, like Solar Energy, I could easily google another use of energy, such as it’s application in sexual fitness.  The broad range of applications of energy also lead me to open my eyes to new ideas.  I never knew about the extent of the solar energy industry, or the energy art movement, or even how children’s stories were all about energy.   I found out that the ideas of “warmth” and energy were very closely related, and that warmth can almost be considered a measure of how much energy is in a system.  On the other hand, I have come to the conclusion that energy is an undefinable term.  There are so many different uses for it, some of which are total opposites, that it’s impossible to come up with an umbrella definition.  I’ve decided to accept the idea that energy falls into the same category as God; you can’t see it, and you can’t feel it, but it’s there.

This unseen element has had an interesting effect on my life.  As I said before, one factor that played into me choosing energy was because it was the opposite of me.  However, after reading all I have about energy, I must say that my lifestyle has changed.  I researched Buddhist energy tips in one blog, and the ideas presented to me through my research changed the way I think about my health.  After reading all of these tips, and how even the smallest things, like changing your socks, could raise your energy levels, I began to try some of them myself.  I did notice a difference: the days I ate better, slept more, and tried some of the unique tips that Buddha suggested, I felt better.  As weird as it is, and as much as I hate to admit it, because then I have to say a teacher was right, blogging about energy did modify my lifestyle.

The End





Conclusions on Memory

Blogging about the word “memory” was far more interesting than I ever thought it would be. It did not take me long to come up with new ideas for blogs or how I could make personal connections, or videos I might want to add. My ideas seemed to come naturally. Memory is a word that is infinite in the world and holds more baggage than other words in my opinion. Society, individual people, are shaped by memory, in other words, what happens in their past. Without memory, the world would not exist, people wouldn’t flourish and develop into unique individuals. When I realized how the word “memory” operates in society, I realized how prevalent it is. Art, psychology, mathematics, family, love…anything and everything has to do with memory. Extending the word over time was not a problem for this reason.

As someone who has a really sharp memory, I thought this word connected to me rather well, without giving too much away. In my family, I’m always the one who remembers everyone’s birthdays, addresses and random sorts of things. When someone can’t remember a certain something, the first person they ask is me. I think remembering things, even things that might not be important to my life, sets me aside from the average person. I find memory important, but I don’t necessarily live in the past. I take the memories I have made in order to launch me into my future. I have allowed the memories I have made to shape me into the person I am now. People in my life, like my grandfather, a victim of Alzheimer’s, have allowed me to appreciate and cherish my life even more.

I think my most unique blog was about art. I would consider that blog to be most abstract, and probably the most difficult one to compose. I am not necessarily an artsy sort of person, so it required me to think outside the box a little bit. All of my other blogs had a lot of scientific and experimental evidence to go along with it; however this one just had pictures. I had to find the words to explain the pictures, and how I perceived memory within them.  Because I go more along the lines of science, my favorite post was The Power of Music. Manipulating music in order to evoke memory is an up-and-coming solution to dementia and mental deterioration with age. It really amazed me how much the human brain can be controlled by outside factors. Music, one that requires no medical investments or research, is an easy way to improve the quality of someone’s life. Blogging about this had a lasting impression on me, and I am interested as to where the research will go from here.

I think one universal problem with the word “memory”, is its three-dimensional sort of structure. The word can be taken in so many different directions and perceived in so many ways, that it became difficult to put certain concepts simply. My blog entitled Cognitive psychology behind memory and forgetting, was really hard to understand when I first researched the information. Memory is still a mystery to us, and trying to understand what we do not yet know is challenging. With that being said, and having developed an appreciation for the word, I knew where I sort of wanted to focus on. I wanted to take aspects of our society…research, music, television, artwork, literature, and even my own life to portray the word. I knew how to balance the complexity of certain topics into something I, and anyone reading my blog, could understand. Anything could become a memory.

Having read my peers other blogs, memory had some sort of connection with all of them. As a whole, I would say that “impression” was most related to “memory”. At one point, Devin defined impression as “a marking on the mind”, saying that “impression are what create people and challenge ideas, impressions span the commonalities of societies and cultures to test what people think they know and how they respond to new ideas and people”. This is pretty complex. When broken down, memory relates to this in multiple ways. Impressions as well as memory create people and challenge ideas. Impressions allow memories to occur. Images, actions and words are stored in the mind as one whole package…an idea about a certain person or place. Impressions are the stepping stones to memory. History is what binds the two together. In a lecture given by Avraham Infeld, he states the following (rest of lecture can be found by clicking this link

While history is what happens in the past, memory is what connects that history with who we are today.

This statement is rather profound. Not only does it illustrate the universal, infinite importance of memory, but it differentiates it from history. Avraham Infeld has invested a lifetime building Jewish identity and strengthening the State of Israel. Avraham was appointed the President of the Chais Family Foundation at the commencement of 2007, following his retirement from the Presidency of Hillel International in September, 2006. Coming to a conclusive understanding towards the relationship between memory and history encompases multiple facets of society. It shows understanding and acceptance for what is, and what will always be…how important memory is.

Final Impressions

I am an impression. Actually, everyone is an impression really. We make impressions on others and we are products of the impressions made on us by others.

Impression is a word that is both ambiguous and defining. I am the way that I am because of the impressions that were made upon me. Today, I work to impress my personality and my beliefs upon others, as my way of trying to make an impact on the world. The funny thing about impression is that the word itself does not suggest the force of the actions, impressions can be both meaningful and yet still fleeting and that is one of the coolest aspects of my versatile word.

Choosing my word didn’t just define me, my choice allowed me to define myself through how I interpreted every single meaning of the word impression. Through defining myself and this word a multitude of different ways I learned about how my word can be applied to so many different concepts and ideas. Impressions create a mark that lasts forever, and many of us learn that the hard way including myself. Once upon a time I defined the word impression as, “a marking on the mind” and this idea still holds true. Impressions are what create people and challenge ideas, impressions span the commonalities of societies and cultures to test what people think they know and how they respond to new ideas and people. I looked at the word impression from so many different perspectives however this idea held true in books, religion, psychology, music and art. Impression is what the world revolves around.

My word is strong in the fact that everything, every single thing in this whole entire world is created, altered, or influenced by an impression. However, the most difficult and weakest part of my word is actually the same concept. The word impression is incredibly difficult to define and explain. Getting specific with such a vague word is nearly impossible and trying to track the different meanings, uses, and connotations of the word impression is really a daunting task. This made writing about impression at times rather challenging. How can you go from talking about the impressions in Buddhism to talking about advertisements in modern day media?

The answer lies within the strength of the word, the weakness is in the connections that I as an author had to make. Therefore, the real question about the word impression is how far does the effect of an influence really go? Just like the so called butterfly effect or the six degrees of separation law that is said to influence the entire planet, how far does an impression travel?


Above this text is a picture of Dalek Sec, a member of the notorious, antagonistic race of aliens known as the Dalek from the television series Doctor Who.  The Daleks are an intensely xenophobic race of cyborgs, and while only four members remain alive, they are bent on the genocide of every other race.  Dalek Sec (then Dalek leader), however, had a revolutionary idea on how their species could remain alive.  Sec noticed that humans managed to always survive throughout time, and suggested having their bodies fused with those of the Daleks.  The end result looked something like this –

This is a new Dalek Sec, having fused with a male human host.  As a result of his transformation, Sec discovered emotions and humanity, but at the cost of power and superior intellect.  Sec claimed that humanity was the key to survival in that it allowed for compatibility with other races and evolution as a whole, while Daleks themselves were rigid and unchanging.  Sec’s comrades eventually betrayed him since, being xenophobes, combining with “inferior” DNA was treason, and also because his morals and emotions made him insane.

So the question is, who was really insane?  Dalek Sec, for giving up clear genetic superiority and virtual invincibility (Daleks are impervious to nearly all weapons and are armed with a death ray and computer hacking device) for the sake of emotion and survival, or his comrades, for sacrificing all joy and purpose in life for sole, unquestioned superiority?  In the end, it comes down to a simple preference between power and humanity.

AP Insanity

As a taker of two AP exams in the past (and 3 more in the near future), such challenging tests are nothing new to me.  However, some tests have reached a new level of difficulty.  This level can only be described as ludicrous, absurd, ridiculous, hysterical and, most importantly, completely and utterly insane.

Now, one may at first think that I am overreacting.  Let that person read the following AP question:

At approximately what temperature will 40.0 grams of argon gas at 2.0 atmospheres occupy a volume of 22.4 liters?

A. 1,200 K
B. 600 K
C. 550 K
D. 270 K
E. 140 K

Now, before any taker of Junior level chemistry mocks me for using the simple question as an example, keep in mind that all chemistry multiple choice are WITHOUT A CALCULATOR.  Now, most students know that to find the temperature of a gas, they would use the equation T=(PV)/(nR).  Now, the formula mass of argon is approximately 40, and since we have 40 grams, n=1.  The equation is now T=(PV)/R.  With all other variables put in, T=((2)(22.4))/.0821=44.8/.0821.  So, good luck doing that without a calculator.  If one rounds these numbers to 45 and .1 respectively, however, their answer will still come out to 450.  While closest to C, this leaves a huge margin of error.  Not only does this test expect too much from the student, but it leaves doubt in any answer containing the words “Approximately, About, Closest To,” or “Near.”

The only reasonable explanation is that the good folks at College Board are complete lunatics.  Who else would require a student to know specific uses of every single compound known to man (in addition to all other aspects of chemistry), charge $30.00 to have SAT scores rush-shipped ELECTRONICALLY (and still have it show up late), and all at the same time still think itself the world leader on college affairs?

We must stop this madness.  Fellow Highschooligans, we must take up in arms against this insane, rogue organization.  Like a precursor to Skynet, College Board is ruthless and will stop at nothing until full world domination is reached.  Join me in the fight against insanity.