Sacrifice in My Life

Sacrifice has been a very prominent aspect in my life. I’ve had to make lots of sacrifices in my life that have been difficult, but I had to be mature enough to make them in order to benefit myself and others around me. Some of those are simple. Such as doing my homework and studying other than going out with my friends. Or choosing to stay home on a Friday night rather than go to a party. At the time, I would have wanted to go out with friends or go to that party, but in the end, I made the right choice because doing my homework will keep up my grade and going to that party could have gotten me in trouble. But other sacrifices I have had to make are more difficult and meaningful sacrifices. They are very personal and include giving up relationships with people who mean a lot to me. But all of these sacrifices that I’ve made, and continue to make will better me as a person and help me to grow stronger as a person.

Meanings of Sacrifice

Sacrifice is a word that means so many different things. One meaning involves death in order to please a god, or to compliment a religion, or something along those lines. This is present thousands of years ago where people (especially women and girls) would be killed to honor a custom and tradition. An example is in ancient Egypt, when a pharoah would die, his servant would be killed to accompany him to the afterlife. However, that kind of sacrifice isn’t as present as it used to be. Nowadays, sacrifice is more of a word to describe giving something up in order to benefit someone else or a common cause. For example choosing to stay home and do your homework instead of going out with your friends is a sacrifice you’re making that will benefit you in the long run. Sacrifice is a versitile word that can be used in many different situations.