God Hates Figs

no i dont

The picture above is of several people protesting against the protests of the Westboro Baptist Church. As everyone knows the Westboro Baptist Church has openly protested against gay individuals with increasing severity in recent years. They have become the face of ignorance in the country and been renounced by every religion imaginable. The title of this blog is a parody of their classic slogan, which I’m guessing you can figure out. (I’ll give you a hint; switch the “i” out with another vowel to make a really offensive word!) This church has gone so far as to name their website with this phrase.

military protest


I went to their website to see what it was like and I can honestly say that I have never seen a website that was more offensive. They 
have a list of all their posts on the front page and the first two were them thanking god for the deaths of US soldiers. That is even more sickening than the anti-homosexual protests they have. Both of my grandfathers were veterans, one in WWII and one in Vietnam, and I can tell you that if they were still alive and they saw that, they would would go find Fred Phelps and hit him over the head with their oxygen tanks.

This church is full of hate and has drawn wide criticism from the general public, the press, senators and even the president. Their protests have sparked a lot of resistance. This may appear in the form of counter-protestors who parody their slogan. Gay students have kissed each other in front of groups of protestors, much to the horror of the churchgoers. Slogans such as  “God hates figs”, “God hates flags”, and “God hates Phelps” have appeared to mock the church. I personally find their hate to be disgusting and wrong.

In 1995 the church was bombed. The website states that the church was bombed by America because America is cow  space shuttleardly and was trying to put a stop to their protesting. I personally think it was done by a fairly brave guy who was just giving the church what it had coming to it. The church also states that because of this bombing, God has  decided to unleash his wrath upon our country by killing our soldiers with bombs, and then they thank him for the deaths of soldiers.

The Westboro Baptist Church is the most hateful organisation in America, and is in fact the most hated.

I personally hate the church after writing this blog and think that the people in it should be deported.antichrist

Hate Crimes


Hate Crimes are defined as “a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.” These are crimes that stem from internal hatred towards a particular group and have been occurring for centuries. However the term “hate crime” wasn’t used until the 1980s due to the emergence of violent crimes against specific groups such as African-Americans by hate groups. The FBI website states that they “began investigating what we now call hate crimes as far back as World War I, when the Ku Klux Klan first attracted” their attention. They didn’t apply a term to the crimes being committed by this cloaked group, but they did acknowledge their difference from other crimes.

burning cross

Hate Crimes can range from some minor vandalism to lynching. The most famous hate crimes in America arguably occurred due racial tension between white and black people. The KKK is one of the most famous groups for committing hate crimes. They were famous for burning crosses on the lawns of black families, dragging black men out of their homes and beating them, raping black women, and lynching. They do not commit these violent crimes  anymore, or at least not in as large of groups and as often.

When the laws against hate crimes were first written in 1978 they included only homicides where the motive was due to race, religion, color, or national origin. Then in 1981 ancestry was added to the list of reasons. Alaska added creed and sex in 1982, and then disability, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. Some states began including age, marital status, and membership in certain social  and political groups. At first many states only included major crimes as hate crimes, but in 1987 California stated all criminal offenses could be considered hate crimes. In 2009 the US government added actual or perceived gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and disability to the definition. It has taken many years for the federal government to develop a comprehensive definition of hate crimes, and it is still argued that it is still not good enough.


In recent years Hate Crime statistics show a general increase in the number of crimes being committed, but a decrease in the severity of the crime. Nine murders and two rapes were classified as hate crimes in 2007, but the rest of the nearly eight thousand crimes were acts of vandalism or minor assault. In that same year 17,000 murders and 90,000 rapes were reported as not being a result of hatred towards a specific social group. The severity of hate crimes has decreased significantly since the sixties when it was common to see black men being beaten or lynched, but the volume of hate crimes has only increased.


Hate: The Most Common Form

hatred-etymologyThere are many forms of hatred, such as self-hate, individual hate, and discriminatory hate. Discriminatory hate is the most common of the three and encompasses a wide range of types. Discrimination can be religious, racist, sexist, based on sexual orientation, etc. It has existed throughout human history in many different forms, ranging from passive hatred of a group, to all out genocide.

discriminatinoAmerica was founded on the principle that all men were created equal. The founding fathers who put this into the constitution then went home to oppress their wives and mistreat their slaves. It took almost two hundred years for this creed to be put into effect in our country, and discrimination is still seen everywhere you go. Although it is not legal anymore people still discriminate against non-WASPs. Women who go to businesses such as auto shops  may find that the price is higher if they do not have their husbands with them. Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Arab people will find themselves getting dirty looks on the street or being treated unfairly because of their ethnicity. Today many Americans fear Muslim people because they believe that all Muslims are terrorists. America is not perfect, which is shown by this ugly form of hatred.

Racism is a common form of hatred. The Europeans enslaved many Africans because their skin was much darker than their own. However religious hatred can be common also. The Crusades were a series of war based on religion. The Catholic Church felt that they were the superior religion to the Muslims of the Middle East, so they ordered Europe to provide them with soldiers so they could attack the Middle East. Hitler killed six million Jews because they didn’t fit into his description of the perfect race. He wanted only Christians. Religious discrimination is just as common as racism.

Genocide is the most extreme action that can be taken against a specific group due to discrimination. However there are many other Ku-Klux-Klanlevels that can lead up to this. First would be passive hatred. This level would simply be a dirty look, or unfriendly attitude towards someone because you dislike their ethnicity, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Next would be treating someone unfairly, such as charging more for services, because you discriminate against them. The next tier would be enacting laws separating them from society, such as was done to African Americans from the end of the civil war to the 1960’s.  Next would be removing a specific group from society, such as when America put all Japanese people into concentration camps during WWII. The final tier would be genocide, where one group tries to wipe out another group because of their ethnicity, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. There have been many genocides throughout history, the most famous being the Holocaust. These are horrible extreme actions taken due specifically to hatred.

Hate has many forms, but discrimination is by far the ugliest. It creates gaps between whole groups in society that can lead to horrible events such as genocide. It can also create tension and rivalry. Discrimination is the ugliest and most common form of discrimination.


The Evolutionary Importance of Hate



 Hate is considered to be one of the most powerful emotions. It originates in the oldest parts of the brain and is believed to have been an important part of tribal existence. Hatred is an innate emotion, it is not a social construct as we like to think. It is one of the most motivational forces in our minds. Hatred can be activated without us ever being conscious of it.


Hate is the primary emotion that helped drive the early tribes. They formed alliances to fight those that they hated. Hate was the joy that they felt when they were anticipating a battle with a rival tribe. It is the blood lust and desire to fight that the tribes had. Hate can be kept alive for a very long time, and would only disappear when the enemy had been vanquished and was no longer a threat. Evolutionary speaking, hate was vital to the survival of early tribes, as they used it to fight their enemies and to stop other dangers and disasters. It created competition between two people or groups. Hate is what kept us alive when danger presented itself.

Emotions create reactions in us that we would not consciously have. They are innate and subconscious. These emotions are important to us because they drive our instincts and compel to act in certain ways. The ancient tribes used emotions such as hate to stay alive in the face of danger and to fight in battles.

In today’s world hate is important because it drives us to succeed. We hate those who disagree with us or who represent something that we don’t like. These feelings are because of our drive to be successful in the face of adversity.


Hate At First Sight


I got the idea for my fifth blog from twitter. One of the accounts I follow tweeted “I believe in hate at first sight.” (pictured above). When I saw this I was deciding what to write about but decided I had to do this. And yes, I believe in hate at first sight.

 hateatfirstsightI believe in hate at first sight. This is a legitimate phenomenon, where like love at first sight in which you fall in love with someone the second you see them, you hate (fall in hate with?) a person from the moment you first see them. I personally have experienced it a few times in my life. I meet someone new someplace or I see them and from that moment on I decide that I don’t like, even if they become friends with all of my friends. No matter what they do I still won’t like them or want to be around them.

It’s a pretty simple idea if you think about. The experts say, whoever they are, that we determine how we feel about a person in the first few seconds that we meet them. Obviously this means that we can determine our hatred for that person within that time frame. We are told “not to judge a book by its cover”, but everybody does it. For some reason we psychologically have it ingrained in us that we must judge people the moment we meat. Maybe our ancestors found this use of instinct important for survival. The people they didn’t immediately like probably wouldn’t be good to have on a hunt or in avoiding youa war, but the people they did like could be the ones who fight by their side or prevent them from being eaten by a lion or something. Because we relied on this internal instinct about the people we met for so many thousands of years, our modern minds have been utilizing it. In fact it may not be a bad thing to do. Perhaps instead of determining who would be best to hunt with, this instinct can tell us who would be the best people to befriend, or employ, or entrust our children too. This instinct may serve as useful still today.

I searched this phenomenon to see what came up and found a website called answerbag.com. On this site someone posted the question “Do you believe in hate at first sight?” A lot of people responded, some saying they did, some saying they didn’t, but I found a few responses that I think help support my hypothesis that it does. They are the following:

“I do. In tenth grade, on the first day of school, I made eye contact with a new student and felt exactly that: hate at first site.
Sixth months later, we were inseperable best friends.
Six years later, he was having an affair with my fiancee. Scumbag piece of garbage. Turns out I was right to begin with”

“Once – didn’t know the guy – from across a crowded room of people. I took a look at this guy and this odd thought through my head.
I felt that I ‘knew’ that,”This guy cheats on his wife and makes her feel guilty about it.” 
I ended up having to work for him and quit the company.” 

“hell yeah i hate lots of people i dont know
the first time i saw george W. i wanted to kick his lips off”

Obviously me and twitter aren’t the only ones who believe in hate at first sight. This is a legitimate phenomenon that people experience everyday.


Haters Gonna Hate


“Haters Gonna Hate” is quite possibly one of the most annoying phrases used today, with the most annoying being “YOLO” (thanks Drake). This phrase has countless memes associated with it and is one of the most known sayings in modern American. I say American because only in America would we create such jems as this, YOLO,  Derp, Selfie, Hipster, and my personal favorite, Swag. These make me question whether my generation can do anything productive or if we will just explode in burst of swag-fire, with only our selfies remaining.

According to urbandictionary.com the phrase “haters gonna hate” represents “ones complete and total disregard of another’s negative comment towards the original person.” I couldve figured that out on my own without their help but you keep trying to figure that one out America. Sadly, thanks to Drake everyone knows YOLO. Swag seems to be this thing that only basketball players, rappers, and teenage boys have, but honestly I dont know what it mean, (secretly we are gay maybe?). The selfie is just something that narcissistic teens came up with so they could take pictures of themselves in the bathroom without being called weird. I have no idea what derp is I just know that its used a lot. And hipster just describes people who may one day make the world turn in the opposite direction because they don’t like anything thats popular or normal. America at its best here folks.


“Timon and Pumba got swag yo!”

– some idiot somewhere

they-see-me-rollin-they-hatinThese words and phrases are at the center of American speech and are used in daily conversation. I can’t even begin to count how many times I hear these each day. In fact I probably see twice that on twitter. How is this related to my topic of hate you ask? Other than obvious connection of the word being used in the key phrase this post is built around, I hate, notice the bold (if there was underline available I would use it), these words and phrases. In fact most people claim to hate them and to hate on (another winner of a phrase) people who use them. That doesn’t stop them though from making my ears bleed by using them. I love this country.

On a side note the Washington Post reported on a study that was done to determine if haters do in fact hate. The final outcome: Haters Gonna Hate.  The subjects were asked their opinions on several subjects such as architecture, health care, crossword puzzles, taxidermy and Japan.  The researchers found that some people tend to dislike things such as camping, flu shots, and Japan, while other people tend to like things. The final assessment: Haters gonna hate, because it is what they were meant to do.


Just realized I forgot to include Word and Dope. Ones self-explanatory and ones a drug. I don’t even know anymore.


PS: I am an avid user of some of these so, yes, I am making my own ears bleed too.  YOLO!



Hate in the Brain


I googled hatred because I had no idea what to write about for my third blog. After I scrolled through the several definitions I found an aritcle from Scientific American about the neurological connection between love and hate. It turns out that after some preliminary research into the origin of hatred in the brain, researchers had found a connection to the origin of Love.

frontal cortex

Researchers wanted to find the neurological origination of hatred. To achieve this they performed Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) tests on seventeen adults to see where hatred appeared.  The brains of these participants were scanned while they looked at a person that they said they hated. In all of them the frontal cortex was where the hatred originated with parts of the medial frontal gyrus, the right putamen, the premotor cortex, and the medial insula being activated.

Unsurprisingly parts of this wide range of places are involved in activating agressive behavior. However the actual feelings of aggression themselves came from different parts of the brain. Other noteworthy feelings that didn’t originate in the same place are anger, danger and fear.

The most surprising aspect of this research however was that the areas of the putamen and insula that were activated by the picture of someone that the subjects hate, are also activated by love. This surprising discovery may explain why love and hate are so close to each other and why we as humans can experience both emotions in regards to someone or something.

This research is still preliminary and it does not prove that love and hate are connected in the brain, but it does raise some interesting questions about their relationship. Does this explain the phrase love/hate relationship? Could this be the reason why these two powerful emotions seem to have such a close relationship?




hatred-etymology2The word hatred developed from the word hate, and first appeared during the thirteenth century. Hate developed from several northern European languages. The verb “to hate” appeared as hatian in Old English, hatajanan in Proto-Germanic, haton in Old Saxon, hata in Old Norse, hassen in German, and hatan in the Gothic language. The noun “hate” developed from hete in Old English, hatis in Proto-Germanic, hattr in Old Norse, hat in Old Frisian, haat in Dutch, has in Old High German, hass in German, and hatis in Gothic. In Middle English the verb and noun of hate are conformed. Hatred is a combination of hate and the rare suffix -red from the Old English word raeden, meaning state or condition. Hate was expanded in 1967 when the phrase “hate mail” appeared. Hate was further expanded in 1988 when the phrase “hate crime” was first used. Hatred developed from many European languages, with the most influence coming from Old English.