Six Insane Approaches to Insanity

Six Insane Approaches to Insanity

There are six main approaches to Psychology and, with insanity having it’s roots in mental disorders, six different approaches to understanding the term.

First is the Neurobiological approach. This approach is solely based on medical observation and would see insanity as simply a mental disorder. Their approach is to determine the specific medical cause and then prescribe any medications deemed necessary.

Next we have Psychoanalysis. Here it is believed that any mental problems can be traced to repressed memories or painful occurrences locked in the unconscious, causing severe distress on one’s mind. Therapy and introspection or the cure to insanity here.

Third is Humanism. They believe everyone is secretly good and everything is just honky-dory. So who cares if you’re insane? I’m sure things will work out fine!

Fourth is the Cognitive approach, where all thought is a series of deductive processes used to solve everyday problems. Insanity, according to them, is most likely the result of faulty cognitive abilities or an extreme approach to problem solving. Best distract the insane with a Rubix Cube.

Fifth is Behaviorism. Here, all human thoughts, emotions, and processes are a result of what we learn, making us a product of our environment. Therefore, traumatic experiences, bad parents, or a history of violence will lead to insanity. Brainwashing always does the trick here.

Finally we have Sociocultural, where behavior is the result of societal expectations and regulations. So if you’re insane, chances are everybody else is too.