Friendship in Marriage

The word “friendship” conjures up thoughts of honesty, vulnerability, companionship, and mutual respect. It also implies a certain outlaying of time and energy. C.S. Lewis said of friendship: “It is when we are doing things together that friendship springs up – painting, sailing ships, praying, philosophizing, and fighting shoulder to shoulder. Friends look in the same direction.”

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

In order to get through the good and bad times with your partner you need to have a good friendship and be able to help each other through!


I find that friendship before marriage makes for a happier longer relationship!



“Marriage without friendship cannot work in our culture,” says Bill Hanawalt, who has conducted pre-marital and marital counseling for 30 years as the executive pastor of the Vineyard Christian Church of Evanston, Il. “Friendship has to be nourished and nurtured regularly or it faces the danger of becoming a business relationship. I have seen many distant and business-like marriages where careers have developed and children have come into the picture, and the priority of emotional connection has been left to die on the vine. Couples that don’t give attention to developing their friendship often come apart. It also creates an opening for marital infidelity.”

In life you never want to just jump into something that could in the long run have a bad outcome. That is why I believe that it is important to be friends with your partner to be, before you jump right into a relationship and later on marriage. Having a good strong friendship before a relationship will help a couple to last longer and have more fun together. These are just my beliefs on marriage and what role friendship plays in marriage.


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  1. I like the way you moved from Nietzsche to the pastor! the layout is interesting (although reading on the left margin is distracting)
    deeply reflective; synthesizes learned content and constructs new meaning; well organized
    written in an interesting style and voice; words used are carefully chosen, memorable, and bring the content to life;sentence fluency naturally expressive
    all words spelled correctly; no grammar errors; formatting makes the post more interesting;
    multiple pieces of multimedia; multimedia adds perspective to post; links are relevant and “flow” within the content; post needs to be categorized and tagged


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