What if Comfort Didn’t Exist?

Why is Comfort so Important?

Why is Comfort so Important?

What if comfort didn’t exist? Where would we be? We would be in a dark world where no one would thrive. I picture that it would be similar to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Politeness would be an urban legend, the only food would be stale kale, and the days would be long and cold. The Earth may as well be a barren wasteland. We take this for granted more than we realize. Sometimes, we may take our friends for granted as well. We don’t know all the comfort that we receive from them, until we realize it is gone. Comfort is only partly a necessity. We could well survive without it, but would we be truly happy? Hardly. As children, if someone didn’t come along with a bandage for our scraped knee, we would learn agony and pain. But most of us had a loving parent to come along and pick us up and teach us to get back on that bike again. From a young age, we were told to bring kindness to others, whether it be giving someone a shoulder to lean on in a difficult time, or just simply holding a door open. We were told that small acts of kindness make all the difference to someone. Comfort and kindness go hand-in-hand, and we need more of both in this world. A small act can go a long way.


A Clockwork Evil

My independent reading book was A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. This novel covered many topics, and mainly was a social commentary on the troubled culture and society of post Second World War England. Evil is a very important tool used by Burgess, mainly in the thematic sense. A Clockwork Orange uses Evil in the theme of Good vs. Evil. The question in the novel is if forced good is better than chosen evil. Alex, the narrator, goes through a metamorphosis, from choosing evil, to being forced to be good, and then once again Alex chooses evil. Burgess leaves it up to the reader to decide which is more ethical, even though he does heavily support, with subtle details and motifs, that free will, even it results in a chosen evil is better than a forced good.“Is a man who chooses the bad perhaps in some way better than a man who has the good imposed on him”(Burgess 95)? Evil is also used in the novel to show the darker side of humanity, the side that allowed the narrator to rape, beat, rob, and terrorize innocent people in the city, with his band of thugs or so called “droogs”. The novel, because of this evil is repulsive, disgusting, and unsavory, and after reading more than 15 pages, the reader is left with a sick feeling simply because of the content being discussed. Evil is a powerful force, apparent in everything from literature to the nightly news, and no matter how much we try to reassure ourselves that evil will never touch us, it will, and A clockwork Orange is a perfect example of the ever present and permeating nature of evil.



Comfort in the Cold

The wind chill sits below zero. Roads have become a sheet of ice, cars won’t start, school becomes delayed or canceled. It can seem hard to be optimistic and comfortable in this atmosphere. Some people like this dramatic cold, although I am not one of them. To keep comfortable in the cold, I employ lots of layers of warm clothing. North Face jackets, Ugg boots, fuzzy socks, and infinity scarves. Fleece blankets are a lifesaver at night, especially the oversized ones. In my car, heated seats are my vice, I make sure to start my car ahead of time to make sure they will be ready. A propane fireplace in the living room makes for a cozy environment and chases away the winter blues. The company of friends and family also makes the cold weather more bearable. It is going to be a long and tedious winter ahead, and it seems like spring, summer (graduation) are far away. But, it is going to be our last winter as high school students and we should just ride along, with as much comfort as possible.comfy clothes