Above this text is a picture of Dalek Sec, a member of the notorious, antagonistic race of aliens known as the Dalek from the television series Doctor Who.  The Daleks are an intensely xenophobic race of cyborgs, and while only four members remain alive, they are bent on the genocide of every other race.  Dalek Sec (then Dalek leader), however, had a revolutionary idea on how their species could remain alive.  Sec noticed that humans managed to always survive throughout time, and suggested having their bodies fused with those of the Daleks.  The end result looked something like this –

This is a new Dalek Sec, having fused with a male human host.  As a result of his transformation, Sec discovered emotions and humanity, but at the cost of power and superior intellect.  Sec claimed that humanity was the key to survival in that it allowed for compatibility with other races and evolution as a whole, while Daleks themselves were rigid and unchanging.  Sec’s comrades eventually betrayed him since, being xenophobes, combining with “inferior” DNA was treason, and also because his morals and emotions made him insane.

So the question is, who was really insane?  Dalek Sec, for giving up clear genetic superiority and virtual invincibility (Daleks are impervious to nearly all weapons and are armed with a death ray and computer hacking device) for the sake of emotion and survival, or his comrades, for sacrificing all joy and purpose in life for sole, unquestioned superiority?  In the end, it comes down to a simple preference between power and humanity.