Etymology of Friendship


Friendship (n.)

friendship (n.) Old English freondscipe; see friend (n.) + -ship.

cronyism (n.) 1840, “friendship,” from crony + -ism. Meaning “appointment of friends to important positions, regardless of ability” is originally American English, from c.1950.

Literary Examples:

“For friendship maketh indeed a fair day in the affections, from storm and tempests; but it maketh daylight in the understanding, out of darkness, and confusion of thoughts.”

The Essays by Bacon, Sir Francis
“I do not reproach you, monsieur,” said D’Artagnan; “’tis only because Monsieur de la Fere has spoken of friendship that I question your conduct.”
Twenty Years After by Dumas, Alexandre
“He then launched forth into a panegyric on Allworthy’s goodness; into the highest encomiums on his friendship; and concluded by saying, he should never forgive his brother for having put the place which he bore in that friendship to a hazard.”
The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling by Fielding, Henry
Common Usage: 
Friendship is most commonly used to describe someone who is there when you need them the most and they can usually make you feel better. The relationship between 2 or more people and the trust that you have between each other.
My own short story:
I know that friendship has been very important to me during hard time. One example of a good friendship that I have had was in 11th grade. The Newtown school shooting had happened earlier that day and my mom was away skiing and toward the end of the school day I found out that my dad was at the school helping the children that were still alive. This was very hard for me to think about and I didn’t want to go home to my empty house so my good friend invited me over so that I had somewhere to go and be with my friend rather than being alone. So this was a very important friendship to me and I treasure moments like this when my friends are there for me.


When friends can sit and silence and still enjoy each other you know that you are true friends and just enjoy each other’s company and you don’t always have to be doing something to have fun.

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  1. You have made a personal connection to this very important idea; your story illuminates the definition.
    Your need to edit your work, however. There are missing commas which make the reading a little exhausting.
    Additionally, the post is a little cluttered. Maybe a little less or resized graphics spread out throughout the post?
    some new information on the topic or reflective; attempts to synthesize information and form new meaning; well organized
    written in a somewhat interesting style and voice; words chosen mostly reflect author’s personality and brings content to life for the most part; sentence fluency is mostly achieved
    ; few grammar errors; some formatting to help make the post easier to read
    multimedia adds new information or perspective to post;
    most information sources are cited accurately; uses proper citations for most images


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