Polar Warmth

Ursus_maritimus_us_fishOver time, polar bears have adapted themselves to freezing cold climates as low at -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Polar bear’s utilize a thick fur and fat layer to insulate themselves and can at times overheat because their insulation techniques have evolved to be extremely efficient for such low temperatures.

Polar bears have two types of fur: long oily guard hairs and short insulating hairs. The oily long hair keeps the polar bear protected from the ice cold temperatures of the water by repelling the water. The oily long hairs pull in the heat for the short insulating hairs to snatch up and trap right next to the skin.

The polar bear’s fat layer, or “blubber,” covers the bear’s whole body and can range from 2-4 inches in thickness. This fat layer may also be used as a source of energy when food is scarce.

polar6Another technique used by polar bears to keep warm is known as “winter sleep,” a state in which the polar bears metabolic process slows creating lower energy demands on the body so that the bear may be kept warm. This process differs from hibernation in that in winter sleep the bears can still be woken up.

Polar Bear Facts:

  • The hair of a polar bears’ fur is hollow.
  • Polar bears have been known to swim 100 miles in one stretch.
  • Polar bears spend most of their life on sea ice.
  • Polar bears are an endangered species as of 2008.
  • Adult male polar bears can weigh up to 1,700 lbs.
  • Baby polar bears are called cubs.
  • At birth, cubs are about 12-14 inches long and weight about 1 pound.
  • The scientific name for polar bear is “Ursus Maritimus” which translates to “sea bear.”

(These are by far the cutest bears to ever exist.)


Warm Wash

washing-machine-cartoonHow To Choose The Right Temperature For Your Clothes

  1. Hot Water: Hot water is to be used when dealing with really stained clothing. Hot water can be used to get rid of grass, dirt, crayon, grease/ oil , mildew, sweat, and tar stains. Dish towels, wash cloths, bath towels, bedding, and pillow cases should also be washed with hot water for the most efficient clean. It is important not to mix dark and light colors when using hot water because the hot temperature could cause some fabrics to bleed and ruin your nice new white sweater! 
  2. Warm Water: For really messy clothes that you don’t want wrinkled, warm water is your best bet. Warm water minimizes not only wrinkling but also color fading. Warm water is best used to get rid of chocolate and paint stains. Cotton and polyester should be washed in warm water.
  3. Cold Water: Cold water is your safest bet to preserve both color and size. Cold water is used to best remove blood, adhesive, coffee, or alcohol stains. Viscose/ Rayon, silk, ad wool should be washed with cool water. 

(For a complete list of stain removal techniques check out this Stain Removal Chart)

Symbols & What They Mean 


  • 1 Dot: Machine Wash Cold Water
  • 2 Dots: Machine Wash Warm Water
  • 3 Dots: Machine Wash Hot Water
  • 1 Dot Horizontal Line: Machine Wash Cold Water Permanent Press
  • 2 Dots Horizontal Line: Machine Wash Warm Water Permanent Press
  • 3 Dots Horizontal Line: Machine Wash Hot Water Permanent Press
  • 1 Dot 2 Horizontal Lines: Machine Wash Cold Water Gentle Cycle
  • 2 Dots 2 Horizontal Lines: Machine Wash Warm Water Gentle Cycle
  • 3 Dots 2 Horizontal Lines: Machine Wash Hot Water Gentle Cycle
  • Hand: Hand Wash
  • Cross: Do Not Wash


Warm Bodies Review

warm_bodies Warm Bodies is a movie about a zombie, R, and a living girl, Julie, who’s relationship sparks in the midst of fighting during a human scavenger party. A relationship of this sorts was unheard of seeing as zombies eat humans and humans kill zombies… Slowly though, this new relationship starts to bring back the life in R. As his heart starts to beat, his being begins to warm. Julie and R must now work together to find a way to rid both people and zombies of their differences in order to work together and defeat the “Bonies,” a mutual threat to both species.



When I watched this movie, I wasn’t too impressed. The movie itself did not grab my attention as much as the trailers did. I thought the acting was just okay. The main character, Julie, reminded me of Kristen Stuarts and that was just unpleasant in my eyes. The movie is classified as a horror/ comedy/ romance, yet I only laughed a couple times during the whole movie. I was not scared enough for this movie to be considered a horror movie in my eyes. The only classification that actually fits this movie romance. This movie was a true romance movie because R and Julie’s love was forbidden and like all good love stories, they fought valiantly to preserve their love. In my opinion, this movie is not worth watching until it’s free on Netflix.


5 Warmest Places on Earth

Dallol, Ethiopia

Dallol-Ethiopia The average annual temperature in Dallol as recorded from 1960-1966 is 94 degrees Fahrenheit. With 94 degrees Fahrenheit being an average, that means that temperatures seldom drop significantly below 94 degree. Temperatures can reach as high as 145 degrees Fahrenheit with the help of the sun… oh and not to mention the active volcano within this valley.

Death Valley, United States

death-valley Death Valley holds the highest temperature ever directly recorded, 134 degrees Fahrenheit. Death Valley is surrounded by mountains on all sides which causes hot, dry air masses to become trapped in the valley. The average temperatures over the summer exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ten Geographic Facts to Know About Death Valley

Timbuktu, Mali

timbuktu Timbuktu is classified as a tropical thorn woodland biome, which means it has a tropical wet & dry savannah climate. Timbuktu has no cold season and its average max temperature is recorded at 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

Australia’s Badlands

australia_hottest In 2002 a NASA satellite detected a land temperature of 156.7 degrees Fahrenheit. So few people live on this region of Australia, so there are not accurate temperature reading readily available.

Kebili, Tunisia

tataouine 01 Located in Africa, Kebili has reached temperatures as high as 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Ironically, one of the hottest places on earth is actually one of the places where African’s go to find relief from the heat. Palm trees and water holes provide a place for tourists to escape and cool off.

While I am a fan of warm temperatures, I don’t think I would be able to stay more than three days at places like these. Normally when I think of warm places I think of places like Mexico and the Bahamas, places with beautiful beaches. This blog post reminded me that desserts and valleys do exist and they can reach unbearable temperatures.


Synonyms/ Antonyms

Warmth- (n.) Quality or state of being warm; liveliness of feelings, emotions, or sympathies; quality of being intimate or attached; the effect of brightness/ coziness achieved by warm colors

mother natureSynonyms:

  • Affection
  • Compassion
  • Passion
  • Spirit
  • Zeal
  • Amiability
  • Sincerity
  • Ardor

jack frost Antonyms:

  • Apathy
  • Coolness
  • Dislike
  • Hatred
  • Indifference
  • Incompatibility
  • Chill
  • Hate

When I think of warmth I think not only of love and affection, but also the heat given off by a fireplace or a blanket. Affection, compassion, and sincerity are the three synonyms I would say represent warmth in my mind. A warm person, to me, embodies these traits; they are affectionate, compassionate, and sincere. I rarely ever think of warmth and think of warm colors or a cheerful personality. This blog has opened my eyes to the variety of meanings of warmth.

Likewise, this blog has opened my eyes to the possibilities of the opposite of warmth. Prior to starting this blog, if someone were to ask me what opposes warmth, I would reply with coolness or someone with a cold personality. I would never have thought of someone who wasn’t warm as hateful or incompatible, but through these blogs I can now see why someone who is not cold could be considered incompatible or filled with hatred or indifferent.

As mentioned in a previous blog, warmth is a vital leadership characteristic because people who are warm are approachable and understanding, therefore the antonyms above fit perfectly. If you were a leader without a warm personality, others may see you has cold and hateful or even apathetic.

Mother Nature and Jack Frost are perfect examples of a warmth synonym and antonym. Mother Nature embodies compassion, affection, and sincerity. These traits are commonly associated with warmth and a warm personality. In Greek myth, the change in seasons was explained as the periods of sadness Demeter experienced when her daughter was down in the underworld with Hades. Mother nature is also connected with pregnancy, a natural phenomenon. Mothers need to be nurturing and affectionate in order for their children to grow up properly. Mother nature may as well be warmth.

While, Jack Frost on the other hand, embodies chill, coolness, and hatred. As a character, Jack Frost is more than often portrayed as a sinister, mischievous man. He is heartless and cold to those around him. In the movie Fred Claus, Jack Frost tries to sabotage Fred from saving Christmas because he is not compassionate or warm. Jack Frost would be an example of an antonym to warmth because he does not have a warm personality.


Things That Make Us Warm

comforter fireplace fuzzy socks hats pumpkin spice latte scarvessweater uggs winter gloves







Hats, Scarves, Sweaters, Boots, Gloves. All of these are clothing items that we, as humans, wear in order to keep ourselves warm. Hats, scarves, boots, sweaters, gloves, they all entrap the heat our body radiates in order to keep us at a normal body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. I personally would not be able to survive the harsh winters of New England without boots, gloves, or sweaters.

Fireplaces, comforters, and warm drinks also help us sustain a normal body temperature. Blankets help us stay warm at night when temperatures drop, they’re cozy and soft and all around perfect, at least I think so! A nice cup of coffee or tea by the fire can not only give us a warm tingly feeling inside, it can also keep us physically warm.


Warm Hands, Warm Heart


Importance of Warmth to Life

babiesWarmth is something we crave even from a very young age. Babies, when they are first born, need warmth in order to sustain life. Within seconds of being born babies are taken to a heat lamp where they are cleaned and then wrapped in a blanket for the mother to hold. Warmth is especially important to life in colder temperatures, like Alaska or Antarctica. Hypothermia is the condition of having an abnormally low body temperature, typically one that is dangerously low. Warmth is a derivative of heat and if there is heat there is warmth and with warmth comes an  increase in body temperature. Humans are warm blooded so they need heat in order to live.

chickenWarmth  is not only a necessity for humans, but birds as well. All birds ranging from chickens to parrots lay eggs and in order to have their chicks hatch, they must keep their eggs warm. Chickens specifically are a good example of the necessity of warmth. If a chicken does not keep it’s eggs warm, it becomes a human’s breakfast.

Without warmth life would not exist.


Warmth- Etymology

warmthThe word warmth can be traced back to the late 12th century from the Proto- Germanic root “warmitho.” In the 13th century warmth became connected to baking through the verb “beek,” meaning to bask in the warmth of something. Then in the 1540s warmth took up a figurative sense through the word ardency, warmth of feeling/ desire. In the mid 14th century, fervor gave yet another meaning to the word warmth, warmth became a symbol of fury, passion, or heat from the latin root fervor. The modern meaning “soak up a flood of warmth” is actually derived from Shakespeare’s use of bask in his play “As You Like It” connecting blood with warmth. The word heat also derived from warmth, in Old English the word haeto meant heat or warmth and from that root, ha-, the word hot came about. In conclusion, warmth has expanded its meaning from the state of being warm or hot, to a feeling or a quality, to fire, to blood, or to sensations.


Final Blog Entry: Warmth Reflection

My best entry was about the warmth of fire. I know it was my best entry because of the detail and variety I provided in the blog post. I talked about all of the different uses of fire. Some uses can be very helpful and important to humanity and human survival while other uses of fire are very destructive. While this was my best entry, it was also the hardest entry to write. I had to do research for the details and specifications I used as examples. The strengths of my word were its variety and diversity within society and the way we use different forms of warmth. While warmth can be used to describe psychological needs that individuals require in order to develop properly, warmth can also be a physical feeling of a nice fire in your living room fireplace, the comforting feeling of a soft, warm blanket on a cold winter’s night, or even the warm feeling of the sun beating down on your skin. The psychological needs that humans must have start from infancy where they must form an emotional, mental, and physical connection with their mother figure. All living beings require a certain kind of relationship and connection with another being. In order to develop properly, we must form a connection as a relationship with someone who can show us comfort, security and safety.

The baby polar bear depends on its mother for warmth, safety, and comfort

Warmth is very important to all living beings. Environmentally, humans tend to seek out warmth while some animals avoid their climate changing too much. My post about Global Warming is a perfect example of how animals do not want their environment to heat up. Polar bears suffer from the increasing temperatures in the Arctic. Another entry on the blog that is most closely related to my word, warmth, was Katelyn’s word energy. Energy can be interpreted many ways, just like warmth. Like warmth, energy can be emotional or physical. Energy can be perceived as an energetic vibe that a group or individual gives off or as a source of sustainable energy for lighting or housing appliances. Warmth has the same level of diversity that energy portrays. What I learned about extending the word, warmth, over a period of time in different ways is that my word was very diverse and could be used in many ways. I extended my search to literature, visual entertainment, music, and psychological needs. By researching literature, I found that fire is used as a tool for survival in Lord of The Flies by William Golding. The boys are stranded on an island and decide that their best chance of getting rescued is to build a signal fire. The same idea applied in the television series Lost. Like in Lord of The Flies; the plane passengers are stranded on a deserted island and have to fend for themselves. Using fire as a signal to overhead planes and passing boats, they attempt salvation and rescue. In music, the song Warmth of The Sun by The Beach Boys shows how warmth can be interpreted in many different ways in various types of entertainment as well as emotional and physical aspects.

The people stranded on the island must use their intelligence, team work, and resources in order to survive; this includes staying warm on cold nights, lighting signal fires to get rescued and forming connections with each other to remain mentally and physically strong.

The word warmth operates in the world in relation to other words or concepts because compared to some words, warmth is utilized daily by every person in the world whether they’re aware of it or not. Warmth is at the basis of every mental and physical activity that we participate in. Mentally, we experience warmth when we genuinely greet a family member or friend with a smile. The warmth between relationships is emanated through the love that they display and feel for each other. Physically, the warmth of, or lack of, the sun contributes greatly to our every day activities. Whether we partake in certain activities generally solely depends on what the weather is like. My choice to pick warmth helps define me because I tend to be a very warm and nurturing person. My personality is maternal and comforting. I enjoy helping people reach emotional satisfaction and my nurturing side comes out when I’m around people in need.

Warmth of The Sun

The Sun warms our whole planet. It is the hottest star in the galaxy and continues to produce enough warmth and light to keep us alive. Without the sun, we would most likely not survive. The sun grows crops, forests, and nurtures our food into maturity. Plants could not live without the sun because they use photosynthesis to fuel them. Many people escape to beautiful, sunny, warm vacation spots during their time off. Most people tend to seek out the sun in order to stay warm and healthy. The sun gives us Vitamin D which helps build up our immunity to sicknesses and disease due to a fat soluble quality Vitamin D possesses. This alters our gene expression and helps us to maintain a healthy body function.

The sun has many purposes in life. The most important purpose being its ability to keep all living beings warm and healthy. The sun has a quality about it that makes people happy. Laying out on a towel on a beach in the nice, warm sun really makes most humans happy. Those who avoid the sun tend to be diseases and sick most of the time due to their lack of Vitamin D intake.

Warmth in Fire

Fire has been an element that has been around for hundreds of thousands of years amongst living beings. First introduced as early as 500,000 BC. The first introduction of fire was lightening. Sparking fires, humans quickly caught on that they could harness this extremely destructive, yet useful and inventive, element. “Not until about 7000 BC did Neolithic man acquire reliable fire-making techniques.” Creating friction between two wooden objects is the most common understanding of how to light a fire without the help of matches or lighters.

Fire has unlimited uses. 5 most common, and important, uses that come to mind are:

1) Cooking

2) Signal fires

3) Warmth

4) Comfort in the home

5) Destruction

Cooking food is extremely important. Especially when dealing with meats, appropriately cooking a piece of meat may mean the difference between thoroughly enjoying a meal or getting deathly ill. Parasites, diseases, and harmful bacteria tend to reside in meat, especially cow meat. Fire elevates the consumption experience due to its unique ability to not only compliment a food’s natural taste by accelerating it, but can also help your health.

When a plane crashes or a ship goes down in the middle of the ocean and the passengers find their way to a deserted island, their greatest chance of survival is getting noticed by an overhead plane or rescue helicopter. This idea of isolation has been portrayed and depicted in film and literature. People love reading about and watching people in distress and viewing how they deal with that particular situation at hand. An example of this distress would be the popular TV show Lost. This show gives you the full experience of how human beings revert back to their primal instincts. What the characters on the show decide to do is build a signal fire for overhead planes in order to be rescued from their uncertain fate. This idea can also be connected to literature in the Lord of The Flies. The school boys in this book by William Golding crash on a deserted island and must fend for themselves in order to survive. Their instinct to get rescued is to build, of course, a signal fire on the very top of the highest mountain in order to be spotted.

Fire is the quintessential idea of warmth. When I think about fire, I think about warmth. Combining numbers 3 and 4, my understanding of fire in the home can be linked to comfort and heat. In the winter, the difference between being comfortably warm in your home and being freezing cold may just be lighting a fire in your fire place. When a family lights up their fire place, it really opens up a home. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can be referenced when dealing with fire and safety. The second level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is “safety”. Safety and shelter are some of the basic needs that a human must obtain to live a healthy, happy life. “Security needs are important for survival, but they are not as demanding as the physiological needs. Examples of security needs include a desire for steady employment, health insurance, safe neighborhoods, and shelter from the environment.” Shelter from the environment relates to a warm fire inside the home for comfort.

Destruction is the most powerful part of fire that comes to mind. Once fire is no longer contained, it can be extremely damaging. Brush fires in forests have been known to kill hundreds of animals and destroy habitats and environments that have been growing and thriving for thousands of years. Once these forests are destroyed, the rehabilitation process must begin and the forest has to start all over from the beginning. Lightning is the biggest offender of brush fires. As I discussed earlier, lightning was most likely the first discovery of fire by man and how it can be harnessed and controlled. However, once fire becomes uncontrollable, the destruction and chaos it brings is truly incredible.

Global Warming

Though many people specially seek out warm locations in order to enjoy their vacation time on a hot beach or an iceless landscape, warmth is not welcome on all ends of the globe. Climate regulates its inhabitants’ ability to survive. When that climate is threatened, we see a dramatic decrease in survival on specific animals. Polar Bears have been threatened by Global Warming due to thinning ice and glaciers. While the temperatures of the massive bodies of water continue increase, ice also continues to melt and threatens the existence of Polar Bears. Melting ice and Polar Bears cannot coexist, one must go. With warmer water temperatures and thinning ice comes with many issues for the Polar Bear. For starters, Polar Bears are not swimmers. They are able to swim for short periods of time while hunting seal and other prey, however, they are not equipped to swim in large bodies of water for long periods of time. With melting ice, Polar Bears will have no platform or solid foundation to rest and live on, Polar Bears are faced with the possibility of drowning due to exhaustion. Also, with a decrease in solid ice surface Polar Bears will experience a shortage of food. Seals become less accessible to the bears because the resting ground for seals is ice. If the ice melts, the seals will have to reside in the water or search for land in other places; leaving Polar Bears with a shortened hunting season as well.

Warmth can be both a positive and negative experience. For Polar Bears, greenhouse gases will cause a rapid decrease in ice. A previous Nasa study found a 2.9% decline in total Arctic sea ice extent over the last decade. The bears will be either forced into extinction, or must migrate otherwise.

Warmth can be a positive survival technique for many other animals though. Many animals depend on warmth in order to live. Many reptiles, that are cold blooded, depend on the sun’s warmth to revive them after a cold swim or not being in the sun for a while. Otherwise, they would die due to lack of warmth.

Human beings are the same way. Most humans enjoy warm weather as opposed to cold weather. Warmth is more comforting to us. From the first moments of life in the womb we experience warmth and comfort. We are warm blooded animals, therefore, we seek out warmth.

Unfortunately for the Polar Bears, who do not seek out warmth, it is being thrust upon them and threatens their very existence.

Warmth in the Household

The warmth of the home is a very significant and comforting necessity that most children cling to as adolescents until adulthood and beyond. Books that represent the warmth of the household have been published all around the world. Having a safe haven that you can always return to is extremely comforting to most individuals. After a long, and possibly unhappy day, a home is always the place you can return to in order to feel physically and mentally warm in your element. Unfortunately, household warmth does not exist in every home. Domestic abuse can occur in many families which turns the elements safety and comfort of a place to return to after a long day into a terrifying and horrible experience to come back to. Once the warmth and comfortability of that household has been shattered, it is very difficult to restore that safety for a child. These books talk all about the importance of including warmth in your family’s typical routine and home.

Warmth in the household can also be thought of as physical warmth. Having a roaring fire, comfortable temperature, and a nice cup of tea and a blanket can do wonders for a person’s mood and temperament. Mentally, having a loving and caring family around will always comfort you and make you feel like you belong.

Tolerance in the Courtroom

Throughout the world, there are many jobs that require tolerance in order to achieve greatness. When this first comes to mind, most people would think of the teaching profession. But, no one ever stops to think about the job of a lawyer. Lawyers need and display tolerance throughout the everyday work place. Whether they are presenting themselves in a courtrrom, or simply just at their desk reviewing a case, tolerance is highly needed.

Lawyers must be tolerant of more than what others may see. In order to bes tthe best they can be, lawyers must be tolerant of;

  • The client’s view/belief
  • The client’s actions
  • Society

The most crucial aspect that is mentioned on the list above is that lawyers must be tolerant of “Society’. At all times, the lawyer is being jusdge by their own personal client as well as the decisions and actions that they take in order to win a case. Especially with all of today’s new rules and regulations that are being presented, it is very easy that society may see a lawyer as breaking a law or simply going against what is considered “right”. The field of law is a major field under the eyes of society. In cases, people are worried as to what may seem wrong or right and what they are capable of doing that will make themselves seem like a better person.

We may not see it, but lawyers are showing tolerance everyday. In an actual courtroom setting, a lawyer must be tolerant of the judge, the plainttiff, the defendant, and all that they have to say. Even though it is a constant battle, every member of a specific case must be willing to hear what others have to say and take that into consideration when attempting to support themselves. Although everyone is trying to go against each other, fellow lawyers and judges are able to come to their ending conclusion based off of what someone may have stated before them. Lawyers are always working together and this would not be possible without the practice of tolerance.

Emotional Warmth.

Infants need a mother figure to comfort and console them. Once this maternal, gentle figure has been removed from a baby’s life, they become emotionally unstable and underdeveloped.

Food or Security? Warmth vs Necessity.

In this experiment conducted by Harry Harlow, we see an infant monkey’s basic need for physical contact with a mother figure overrides that of the need for nourishment. One surrogate mother is warm, soft, and provides comfort and safety while the other is a wire bound mother figure that is cold, hard, and uncomfortable to cling to as a baby that needs affection and connection. While the basic human needs of nourishment are presented in the monkey, the infant eventually leaves the wire mother to seek comfort with the soft, cloth mother. 22 hours out of 24 hours a day, the infant monkey spent most of their time with the cloth mother as opposed to the wire mother that provided food. This shows an infant’s basic need for physical and emotional warmth.


Warmth can be defined as a physical or mental feeling. Physical warmth is when you can feel warmth on the outside from light, the sun, a blanket, body heat, etc. while mental warmth is the warmth that you feel when someone is kind, generous, and loving to you. Mental warmth can be expressed through verbal and/or physical connection. Loving words from someone you have a mental connection with can be comforting and create and experience of warmth within you.