Can You Learn to Be Courageous?

Soldier’s Ghost

“I bled for you – would you for me?

I blessed a skin in blazing fuel
Then took a bullet in a duel of
‘He or I to Die.’

I often question ‘Why? ‘
Do you?

My country was my life to give –
Would you for country cease to live?
Sinking in a mire of death,
You have no choice –
So while you’re still alive,

I cried in failure – did you care?
And as I waned, were you aware of
What I did -?
Fighting for my country while you hid
Behind your comfort back at home?

Still relaxed?
My wife and child are fading at the tomb. ”


Mark R Slaughter 2009

To become a soldier,  one must have no fear of dying.  A soldier dedicates his life and blood to his country and fellow fighters. Soldiers are leaders that have tremendous innate courage. You can not train or be taught how to be brave. In the movie Captain America, Steve Rogers is a frail young man who yearns to be in the military to fight during WWII. He was not suited as a strong man or soldier imagery, but his determination and courage made him stand out from all of them. When Steve was training in boot camp, his platoon was tested by their Sgt. The test was a fake grenade being thrown at them and seeing how the soldiers would react.  All of them took cover and only cared about themselves, but Steve Rogers threw himself on top of the grenade and made sure everybody else would be safe.  This made Rogers a great candidate to be an important soldiers, because he acted courageously without any doubt.  The fact that this soldier, Steve Rogers, wanted to defend his country, dedicate his life to serving others and acting courageously.

Personally, I don’t think you can be taught courage. Every leader, or protagonist, has courage within that help them progress through the obstacle in the story. A guru doesn’t teach his students to be wise, they self realize when a time comes that they had the wisdom.

A soldier is a good definition for courage; “the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous” (merriam-webster).


Blog #2 Success

Success in Business-with my own touch


As I was pondering about what to write in my secondary blog, I stumbled upon this intriguingly designed advertisement. You know, those ones you sneer at on the side of your web browser. The ones that illuminate right as you have visited a new site. You try furiously to click away as they have bugged but one second out of your day. Yet somehow us humans let the little things get to us…But this ad happened to catch my eye. It’s beautifully crafted colors just happened to spark an idea, of a plan of how success can be found in business. It is almost like a blueprint of how a business should run and how it gets processed.

The first step: Create

You have a wonderful idea, but how can it be successful? Your plan should be to come up with the most unique of an idea as possible. This is your time to shine, and anything that goes down-you WILL go down with. This is your work of art. Use it wisely

The second step: Beautiful

You have created your work of art, now make it beautiful. You might say, you have already created your work… Wrong answer. YOU have not done anything. You have not stepped foot out into the business world as an owner at all yet. You have only gotten to step two in the process. I’m trying to reassure you in the most respectful manner possible…no harsh feelings

Step three: Website

Your rounding third base, and your art has become a beaut. If you’ve made it this far… well so have thousands of others. Nothing will set you apart until after the blueprints. Your business is just a work in the making, ready to be taken or copied at any second. Keep your work secretive and remember-one of a kind. Start networking, spread your idea through word of mouth and through the use of websites. You want people to be able to find you.

Step four: Go

You’ve reached all the bases and have taken it all with you. Now don’t stop…GO! You want to be able to run with your idea and don’t back down. A business is not just a business. You should be running right along side it. It is your partner, your friend, someone who only lets you down if you are not loyal to them. This is your one moment, your one opportunity, would you take it? Or just let it slip…