A Very Energetic Artist

Energy is everywhere, and people have started to realize and embrace this fact.  Instead of being an abstract concept, energy has become a tangible, definable medium of expression.  The Energy Art Movement is one of the biggest expressions of a defined energy.  The collection of artists that participate in this movement come from all over the world, and have large art shows in Europe and the states.  They all have one goal: capture energy in a visual form.  The description of the movement, from the Energy Art website, sums everything up very nicely:

“Some paintings vibrate with energy. Impressionists like Monet tried to capture light. Futurists like Boccioni portrayed motion and speed. Expressionists like Van Gogh conveyed emotions. These qualities – light, speed, emotion – are variations of energy. Energy is one of the most ephemeral qualities to depict.

Energy may be indefinable but it is a universal concept. Some feel energy as a connection with another human being; some perceive it as the brightness or the heat of the sun on an astounding day. Others label energy as a destructive force while still others see it as the genesis of life. We all have an innate sense of the impact of energy.

Energy Art is the depiction of energy using color, form, and composition to create inventive and expressive works of art that resonate with impact and feeling. These are those works that pulsate with a mysterious force, whether it is a force beyond us or part of our own elemental humanity.”

These are some of the most popular energy art pieces:






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  1. I think there is a classification of “kinetic art” for exactly this reason. The paintings are more than spin-art…they do have a pulsing quality. I enjoy the connection of energy to art as something more than what is expended in creating art.

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