Reflections of Courage

There were plenty of reasons as to why I chose to blog about the word courage. Strangely enough this year, everywhere I have turned there seemed to be the word courage to push me forward and continue on. My favorite singer wrote an album about having courage, yet she entitled it Fearless. This album came out in my freshman year of high school, and has continue to evolve along with me as I aged. In August, I took a chance – much like in Letters to Juliet. Ironically, it was courage that enabled me to write the letters that were needed, and courage to open each and every letter I recieved. I very much believe following your heart is one of the most courageous acts one can committ. Especially, if there is a constant gnawing of ‘what if’ in the back of your mind. It takes a brave heart to put themselves back in the direct line of path to see if the something they so desperately need feels the same. Then came the point where I was about to start my CNA classes. I was once the girl who would close her eyes at every scary point in a movie, and become lightheaded about the talk of blood. Yet somehow, I found myself volunteering at Sharon Hospital in maternity watching births and c-sections – and for whatever reason, I was no longer scared. We truly have to believe We Must Do That Which We Think We Cannot. This gave me the passion for healthcare, which in turn is why I was able to accomplish my CNA certification on 12.07.11. Everywhere I turned – music, movies, quotes, and life experiences I noticed how important courage was needed. The blog I enjoyed writing the most about was courage in the Marine Corps. This type of courage is something all together different than the courage I have had to face this year. While I was just trying to survive high school and work as a CNA, my type of courage seems miniscule compared to the courage others have had to show. I enjoyed this blog more than others was because of personal interest – the reason I read books like Jarhead…I want to be able to understand what my fiance is going through. I know I never will be able to, as I am a civilian, but it is nice to read memoirs and listen to personal experience. Eric will be going to Afghanistan in October, and there is nothing I believe that requires more courage than to stand up in The Few and the Proud as he has. Meanwhile, the blog I enjoyed having to write the least was my first blog. It felt choppy and I felt confined. I wasn’t able to show the word courage just through its definition. I found various strenghts in the word courage as it could be related to so many things – life, love, the impossible, accomplishments, etc. There were so many more topics I would have liked to explore.

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