Insanity and I

Everybody sees the world in a different way.  Insanity, by its very nature, is seen by everybody in a different way.  So what does my interest of this particular word show about my unique character?  Stay tuned for more.

I find myself not just interested with insanity, but the nature or the word.  Fifty years ago, a child with autism was insane.  Before that, somebody who had schizophrenia was demonically possessed.  Before that, that same person may have been a priest/priestess for some old polytheistic religion.  Now, take time out of the equation.  How do we observe or, dare I say, help somebody who is deemed insane?  Do we take the psychoanalytic approach? Do we take the cognitive approach?  Neurobiological? Humanistic?  Behaviorist?  Sociocultural?  With all of these differing views on insanity and its roots, how can one possibly hope to even remotely comprehend the word as a whole?

In this way, insanity is uncertainty.  One of my relatives, prior to his death, was a diagnosed schizophrenic.  However, he had developed the illness very late in life and there were strong doubt throughout my family as to whether or not he was simply “acting.”  Sometimes diseases are confused for mystical/spiritual contacts.  How can one be sure of what is happening in another’s head?  The truth is they cannot.  Not only can we not say we are certain of what insanity truly is, but we can never be certain of whether or not it exists.

You see, insanity operates like the skin on a chameleon.  It has no one defined color or appearance, but rather changes and distorts itself to match the environment (or in his case, the relative definition).  As a result, you have no particular way to look at the word.  This was probably what was hardest for me to do when I blogged about insanity.  Defining the word was nearly impossible.  In my first post, I attempted to give the reader an idea of how to look at insanity.  This was my most difficult task in the course of my blogging.  Trying to tell somebody what insanity is is quite the hard task when its definition is literally “The act of being insane.”  I had to show the reader that insanity is many things, determined by everything from environment to a lack/excess of certain chemicals in the brain.  Insanity, in some sense, is whatever you choose to see it as.

That is why I chose the word insanity.  It is like an unsolved mystery with limitless causes and solutions, infinitely many correct and infinitely many wrong.  I see the word as a challenge for being so hard to truly understand, and yet simple as it has so many ways to be understood, so long as the right person shows you the way.  I guess what the word insanity shows most about me is my desire to see and understand other perspectives.  While an Atheist, I love to research all religions, old and new, and see their tenants and stories.  I believe the same applies for my sanity.  While completely sane (hopefully), I find the subject so interesting because it is without a true, definite meaning.  I just like being able to know.


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