Final Blog Entry: Warmth Reflection

My best entry was about the warmth of fire. I know it was my best entry because of the detail and variety I provided in the blog post. I talked about all of the different uses of fire. Some uses can be very helpful and important to humanity and human survival while other uses of fire are very destructive. While this was my best entry, it was also the hardest entry to write. I had to do research for the details and specifications I used as examples. The strengths of my word were its variety and diversity within society and the way we use different forms of warmth. While warmth can be used to describe psychological needs that individuals require in order to develop properly, warmth can also be a physical feeling of a nice fire in your living room fireplace, the comforting feeling of a soft, warm blanket on a cold winter’s night, or even the warm feeling of the sun beating down on your skin. The psychological needs that humans must have start from infancy where they must form an emotional, mental, and physical connection with their mother figure. All living beings require a certain kind of relationship and connection with another being. In order to develop properly, we must form a connection as a relationship with someone who can show us comfort, security and safety.

The baby polar bear depends on its mother for warmth, safety, and comfort

Warmth is very important to all living beings. Environmentally, humans tend to seek out warmth while some animals avoid their climate changing too much. My post about Global Warming is a perfect example of how animals do not want their environment to heat up. Polar bears suffer from the increasing temperatures in the Arctic. Another entry on the blog that is most closely related to my word, warmth, was Katelyn’s word energy. Energy can be interpreted many ways, just like warmth. Like warmth, energy can be emotional or physical. Energy can be perceived as an energetic vibe that a group or individual gives off or as a source of sustainable energy for lighting or housing appliances. Warmth has the same level of diversity that energy portrays. What I learned about extending the word, warmth, over a period of time in different ways is that my word was very diverse and could be used in many ways. I extended my search to literature, visual entertainment, music, and psychological needs. By researching literature, I found that fire is used as a tool for survival in Lord of The Flies by William Golding. The boys are stranded on an island and decide that their best chance of getting rescued is to build a signal fire. The same idea applied in the television series Lost. Like in Lord of The Flies; the plane passengers are stranded on a deserted island and have to fend for themselves. Using fire as a signal to overhead planes and passing boats, they attempt salvation and rescue. In music, the song Warmth of The Sun by The Beach Boys shows how warmth can be interpreted in many different ways in various types of entertainment as well as emotional and physical aspects.

The people stranded on the island must use their intelligence, team work, and resources in order to survive; this includes staying warm on cold nights, lighting signal fires to get rescued and forming connections with each other to remain mentally and physically strong.

The word warmth operates in the world in relation to other words or concepts because compared to some words, warmth is utilized daily by every person in the world whether they’re aware of it or not. Warmth is at the basis of every mental and physical activity that we participate in. Mentally, we experience warmth when we genuinely greet a family member or friend with a smile. The warmth between relationships is emanated through the love that they display and feel for each other. Physically, the warmth of, or lack of, the sun contributes greatly to our every day activities. Whether we partake in certain activities generally solely depends on what the weather is like. My choice to pick warmth helps define me because I tend to be a very warm and nurturing person. My personality is maternal and comforting. I enjoy helping people reach emotional satisfaction and my nurturing side comes out when I’m around people in need.

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