The Tolerance of Reflection

Throughout the course of this blogging process, I was able to inquire many new and different details on the word “tolerance”. When I first began this project, all I knew was that this word meant to be accepting and understanding of one another and the variety of traits and characteristics in which we offer to society. At first, I must admit, that I believed it would be easy to come up with multiple blogs on the meaning of one word. I was wrong. Once I completed my blogs on tolerance within the law field, I found myself stumbling on what to talk about next. At times, I found myself stretching the topics to a great length while at others, I found myself breezing right on through. By extending the meaning of this word, I was able to see that the act of tolerance is needed in all aspects of our everyday lives. For example, the role that tolerance has on the arts, music and literature. In my blog post titled “ musical tolerance”, I came to the conclusion that “ just because you may be with someone and they may be listening to music that you do not like, does not mean that they are wrong”. I was always aware that there were different genres of music produced, but I truly became aware while writing this particular blog, that you show tolerance when listening to a form of music that you may not like. In a personal case, if I was to listen to metallic music, I would have to present a great deal of tolerance in order to survive through it.

Despite finding it difficult to create a new topic to discuss, I was able to produce a few blogs that I believe were better than others. My personal favorite would have to be “ Tolerance Through The Students”. I composed this blog in a different way than any of the others. The style of writing was much more formal and personal, which I believe was right for this topic. This blog discusses the lack of tolerance that is seen throughout high school settings today as well as why tolerance is so important to men and women at this age. While writing this blog, I could feel myself connecting with the topic and becoming intrigued with my own opinion. 

Reflecting on my choice of “tolerance” and all of the blogs that I created to go along with it, I notice that in a way, I chose that word because of who I am as a person and the life that I live. I am always at a sports event, school function, party etc. and I see that tolerance is needed in order to perform my best at each of these. I must be tolerant everyday while in school with others around me and I must be tolerant during practices to show my leadership on the field. The excessive amount of researching and blogging that I have done on this word has shown me that who I am as a person is mostly based off of tolerance. In some ways, my blogs have exposed me to a new form of tolerance and has helped me to better understand when and where tolerance can be used. I can now say that when participating in activities such as soccer, listening to music, going to school, or even just hanging around my house, I am more aware of when I need to take the time to be tolerant and also when others around me are being tolerant as well. After looking at this word from so many different perspectives, I hold a greater level of respect for those who are always so kind and generous to everyone and a drive to help those who may not be that way. I see that I am a person who wishes to see more tolerance being spread throughout society. I now know that if tolerance begins to increase, the world will see peace and equality.

Branching off of what I stated in the previous paragraph, the word “tolerance” holds a significant meaning throughout the world today. It comes down to this: tolerance is what brings peace and equality to society. Without tolerance, we would not be accepting to everyone we meet and we would not be able to come to terms on global issues. Compared to other words, I feel as if “tolerance” is an important one that can help people to comprehend the many issues that the world has within this generation.

This entire blogging project has truly been a mind opening experience for me. I have learned that from this word, I am capable of building upon my own character. I can bring myself to become that much more of a well – rounded individual and that much more important of a member within society and its regulations.

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