I never would have thought that writing a series of blogs on the word “energy” would have an impact, even just a small one, on my life.  I chose the word several months ago because it was intriguing to me.  The whole idea of energy attracts me, because it really is everywhere.  We learn about it in math, science, ag-ed, psychology, and even gym.  One word has such a diverse range of functions.  I chose the word energy for a deeper reason than that, though.  I am not someone who would be described as an energetic person, and I know that I can be quite lazy.  Energy appealed to me, it’s something I’m not. 

                So I began my journey into energy, and was surprised with some of the things I found.  Energy has such a broad range of applications, it’s very easy to find multiple things to write about that center around the word “energy”.  I chose to focus on the multitude of genres of energy, which made this blog fairly simple to write.  If I became stumped with a certain idea, like Solar Energy, I could easily google another use of energy, such as it’s application in sexual fitness.  The broad range of applications of energy also lead me to open my eyes to new ideas.  I never knew about the extent of the solar energy industry, or the energy art movement, or even how children’s stories were all about energy.   I found out that the ideas of “warmth” and energy were very closely related, and that warmth can almost be considered a measure of how much energy is in a system.  On the other hand, I have come to the conclusion that energy is an undefinable term.  There are so many different uses for it, some of which are total opposites, that it’s impossible to come up with an umbrella definition.  I’ve decided to accept the idea that energy falls into the same category as God; you can’t see it, and you can’t feel it, but it’s there.

This unseen element has had an interesting effect on my life.  As I said before, one factor that played into me choosing energy was because it was the opposite of me.  However, after reading all I have about energy, I must say that my lifestyle has changed.  I researched Buddhist energy tips in one blog, and the ideas presented to me through my research changed the way I think about my health.  After reading all of these tips, and how even the smallest things, like changing your socks, could raise your energy levels, I began to try some of them myself.  I did notice a difference: the days I ate better, slept more, and tried some of the unique tips that Buddha suggested, I felt better.  As weird as it is, and as much as I hate to admit it, because then I have to say a teacher was right, blogging about energy did modify my lifestyle.

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