Final Impressions

I am an impression. Actually, everyone is an impression really. We make impressions on others and we are products of the impressions made on us by others.

Impression is a word that is both ambiguous and defining. I am the way that I am because of the impressions that were made upon me. Today, I work to impress my personality and my beliefs upon others, as my way of trying to make an impact on the world. The funny thing about impression is that the word itself does not suggest the force of the actions, impressions can be both meaningful and yet still fleeting and that is one of the coolest aspects of my versatile word.

Choosing my word didn’t just define me, my choice allowed me to define myself through how I interpreted every single meaning of the word impression. Through defining myself and this word a multitude of different ways I learned about how my word can be applied to so many different concepts and ideas. Impressions create a mark that lasts forever, and many of us learn that the hard way including myself. Once upon a time I defined the word impression as, “a marking on the mind” and this idea still holds true. Impressions are what create people and challenge ideas, impressions span the commonalities of societies and cultures to test what people think they know and how they respond to new ideas and people. I looked at the word impression from so many different perspectives however this idea held true in books, religion, psychology, music and art. Impression is what the world revolves around.

My word is strong in the fact that everything, every single thing in this whole entire world is created, altered, or influenced by an impression. However, the most difficult and weakest part of my word is actually the same concept. The word impression is incredibly difficult to define and explain. Getting specific with such a vague word is nearly impossible and trying to track the different meanings, uses, and connotations of the word impression is really a daunting task. This made writing about impression at times rather challenging. How can you go from talking about the impressions in Buddhism to talking about advertisements in modern day media?

The answer lies within the strength of the word, the weakness is in the connections that I as an author had to make. Therefore, the real question about the word impression is how far does the effect of an influence really go? Just like the so called butterfly effect or the six degrees of separation law that is said to influence the entire planet, how far does an impression travel?

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