Tolerance Through The Students

It seems as if my blogs up until this point have focused on tolerance within the demanding and changing society that we live in. I have focused on tolerance from a universal point of view. I thought that it would be interesting to write about tolerance from an average student’s perspective. The tolerance that a high school student must handle can sometimes be much more than one may think.

Being a senior in high school, you are at the point in which you have experienced all of the previous years and you know the ins and out of your school. You have met every type of personality and in some sense, have learned to put up with it. Throughout the high school years, you learn to become tolerant of those who seem to only care about being social, those who may always find themselves in the office, or those who always seem to be one uping you. It is very common to find y0urself changing your behavior around specific people. This is totally normal, it is only because it is your own personal way of being TOLERANT of that individual. You may think that tolerance is only for those people who you do not know on a great personal level. But, tolerance is also found everyday between the best of friends. With a relationship that close, you may find that there may be a competitive atmosphere ; a drive to be better than the other. But, with the act of tolerance, you are able to find that balance and support one another. Not only with your friends is tolerance needed, as your role of being a student, you must also be tolerant of the teachers and advisors that are there to teach and guide you. At times, it may seem that you do not want to listen to what they have to say or that you may already have it under control. But, if both tolerant and paitent, you will see that you will be able to learn about the different learning skills that you have.

They say that your high school years are your years of learning ; learning of tolerance. You may not notice it in the moment, but when you look back, you are able to see that you really did learn how to tolerate others and what they have to offer/what they believe is right and wrong.

Without the outlooks of others around you, you would not be able to understand a sense of what the outside world is like.

High school students are not the only students that wish to learn and seek out tolerance. It is clear that in today’s growing society, the younger generations are wishing to learn what tolerance means as well. But, the case is quite different for these younger children. Unlike high school students, they need the assistance of their parents in order for them to understand just exactly what this word means.

In the clip below, you will be able to see that the younger generation of students are attempting to reach out and wonder just exactly what tolerance is and what it entitles

We can see that these kids are beginning to expand their own knowledge of the world around them and are wanting to know what causes society to become one the way that we do.

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  1. This is a well-reasoned argument. I think you have a very mature attitude in adopting the word tolerance. You do not have any6 blogging technology; perhaps a link to a site that deals with teen behavior? This out of the box here!
    Spelling and grammatical errors are rare. Entries have structure and are formatted to enhance readability.
    Entries fail to take advantage of blogging technology and are little more than written comments that one might find in a traditional notebook or diary.

  2. Ah! You added a link!

  1. Tolerance Reflection « Words, Words, Words

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