Warmth of The Sun

The Sun warms our whole planet. It is the hottest star in the galaxy and continues to produce enough warmth and light to keep us alive. Without the sun, we would most likely not survive. The sun grows crops, forests, and nurtures our food into maturity. Plants could not live without the sun because they use photosynthesis to fuel them. Many people escape to beautiful, sunny, warm vacation spots during their time off. Most people tend to seek out the sun in order to stay warm and healthy. The sun gives us Vitamin D which helps build up our immunity to sicknesses and disease due to a fat soluble quality Vitamin D possesses. This alters our gene expression and helps us to maintain a healthy body function.

The sun has many purposes in life. The most important purpose being its ability to keep all living beings warm and healthy. The sun has a quality about it that makes people happy. Laying out on a towel on a beach in the nice, warm sun really makes most humans happy. Those who avoid the sun tend to be diseases and sick most of the time due to their lack of Vitamin D intake.

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  1. Well, this is a simple post…where is the smiling sun graphic??
    What more unusual information can you find about the sun that you could connect to something…say….literature?
    The sun can be dangerous….Hamlet’s opening lines are “Nay, I am too much in the sun”…a pun on his relationship with Claudius….and that certainly will be dangerous.

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