Musical Tolerance

In one of my previous posts, I spoke about how society must have tolerance through artwork and how an artists’ creation is from their own personal thoughts or beliefs. I figured to go along with that, I would blog about the tolerance that is shown through music.

There are many different genres of music within our world today : rap, rock, classical, reggae, and jazz are just a few. Just from being able to listen to many of these throughout my life, I am able to see that the composer or the writer of an individual piece of music holds a different train of thought then another. For example, a rap artist must be thinking in a different world then Mozart who composed some of the greatest classical pieces.  With this, people in society begin to grow an interest to a specific type. Some prefer rap over reggae while others may prefer rock over jazz. It is not uncommon that one may ask ” you like listening to this stuff?” when listening to music that THEY do not like.

Just because you may be with someone and they may be listening to music that you do not like, does not mean that they are wrong. In order to understand this, we must TOLERATE their interests and practice TOLERANCE when being asked to listen to music we do not enjoy. Those whe have created music, have spent hours upon hours bringing together notes and rhythms that they feel may express who they are or simply just a time in their life. No matter what the thought proccess behind it may be, we have to learn to understand that, to that specific person, the creation held meaning.

The music world has seem to decrease in meaning to society these days. What I mean by this is that those listening to the music seem to take granted what the artist may have done. Without their thoughts or images, we would not have the pleasure of music everyday in our lives. We do not show that tolerance is what needs to be shown.

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  1. This is interesting that you have to “tolerate” someone eles’s music in the age of the I-pod. When I was growing up, I had to listen to whatever was played on the radio and hope that a song I liked would be played.
    I am not sure I agree with the decrease in meaning for music…it is one of the few mediums that transcends politics, religion, borders, etc. I have faith in music!

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