Here Comes the Sun

Solar energy has become a household word lately, more so than it ever had been before this modern era of alternative energy methods.  But, the sun’s energy has been harnessed since ancient times.   Solar energy was first used in the 7th Century, B.C.  In those times, the sun was harnessed using mirrors and glass, and used to start fires.  Now, huge houses are built with solar efficiency, and solar panels can be found in every state throughout the country.

There are two main kinds of solar energy in modern times.  The first one is active solar energy.  This is when tools are used to harness solar energy, and convert it into other forms of energy, like electricity or heat.  Solar panels are active solar energy tools, they store energy from the sun and convert it into other types of energy.


The other type of solar energy that’s widely used today is passive energy.  This  is the practice of building a house with solar energy efficiency in mind.  It uses solar energy in it’s unaltered state.  For example, people build houses in specific directions, so that they will be warmed by the sun every day.  People use special windows that channel sunlight inside to be used as heat.  Passive energy is used in many homes, without people even knowing.

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  1. So what do YOU think about this energy? This is meant for you to think about the consequences of this word…its application in the world and how you perceive this word in relation to other words.
    So, while this has information, it is missing you.

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