Comfort in Conversation



People find comfort in conversation. There are many different conversations that people have daily. There are conversations between friends. When talking to a friend, they are no nervous feelings and you usually feel comfortable because you know the person. These conversations include topics that you both find interest in. For example, when my friends and I talk we may talk about soccer and the conversation is very comfortable because we both have the same opinion on the topic. Other conversations that are comfortable are talking about something you and another person both agree. For instance, talking about a certain fashion item. If you both think that the shirt or pants are “fashionable” then the conversation is very comfortable because you both have the same opinion. Another comfortable conversation is talking about someone you admire. If you both find someone to be nice than the conversation is pleasant because you’re not slandering a person but uplifting them. 

   Conversations that are uncomfortable are those when a person does not know what to say. These conversations usually include a topic you may not know about or a topic that you disagree with. For instance if two people were talking about the political debate and one person wanted to vote for Obama and the other Romney than the conversation would be very uncomfortable because they disagree. 

What makes an uncomfortable conversation?




-loud shouting

-mean facial expressions

How do you avoid conversations that are not comfortable?

If a conversation is not comfortable than it is very simple to change the conversation by changing the topic and making the other person feel comfortable. If the other person is comfortable and happy than the conversation will go smooth and not be uncomfortable. 

Where do a lot of comfortable conversations happen?

Many comfortable conversations happen during the holidays because it is an atmosphere of fun, games, and giving gifts. One holiday in particular that has many comfortable conversations is Christmas. Family and friends come together and many comfortable conversations happen because people are laughing. Bonding sets many comfortable conversations because it displays love between two people. 

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  1. I like this idea of comfort in conversation…there are certainly some conversations that are more comfortable than others (why else would we have the phrase “awkward”? if only to contrast??) The list is also helpful….but looks awkward on the page!


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