Persevering is The Ultimate Weight Lose Supplement

It seems quick fixes are the solution to all of life’s problems, especially weight gain. Popping a magic pill in order see the pounds fall of seems like a dream come true, but the real way to lose weight is through hard work and perseverance.

This man, no matter how hard things got, never gave up. Were there other options for him? Of course, he could have gotten liposuction, taken a pill, or had his stomach reduced to the size of a grape. 50 million Americans take weight lose pills everyday while only 5% of them manage to lose weight and keep it off, while this one man ran and lost 120 pounds and is in the best shape of his life. Most diets fail because they cause pain for the dieter. The brain is designed to get away from pain and go towards pleasure. This means that the diet will cause the dieter to want to get away from their diet because it causes them stress. This also means that once someone stops a diet they won’t be able to go back to it due to the brain trying to avoid the stress the diet caused. A diet will only work if a person is willing to persevere through the pain in order to get to their target weight. Persevering may not be easy, but the results from never stopping can be life saving.

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  1. The link does not work…and the post is a little short. You might comment on why perseverance is necessary in weight loss (science of this)

  2. Fixed link and am adding more


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