What determines beauty?

Everybody has a different opinion of what a beautiful person looks like to them. Some people like tall skinny people who workout and have a lot of muscle, while others like a small petite person. But the big question is “What makes a person beautiful?”

According to People Magazine Bradley Cooper was the sexiest man alive in 2011. Who votes this? What makes Bradley Cooper better looking than any other man? People Magazine states that Bradley has “ice-blue eyes, mussed hair, lightning-quick wit, and confidence. People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” annual contest promotes judging a person by their appearance. I do not agree with People Magazine that these people should be characterized according to their appearance. Appearance and self-acceptance has been an increasing problem across the nation.

Many people take pride in their appearance. The stereotype of a “beautiful” person has brain washed the minds of many people, forcing them to go to extremes in order to be beautiful. Many men and women will alter their body in harmful ways, such as plastic surgery, in order to achieve “beauty.”  This type of pressure to be beautiful can harm a person’s self-esteem and confidence. Self-confidence can be altered when a person compares their beauty to the beauty of others or celebrities. I believe that a person should never compare their own beauty to the beauty of others. Everybody has their own unique characteristics to them that determine their own beauty. No two people are the same, this means that everybody has their own form of beauty. There is no certain guidelines to determine beauty in a person, everybody possesses it in different forms.

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“Confidences is…

“Confidences is infectious, sexy and attractive – and you don’t need to spend as much money as I did to find it. That which gives us confidence is inside us waiting to come out”

In looking through other blogs, I came across a young woman’s post about her lack of self-confidence. She spoke of her troubles in adolescence and as a young adult due to her appearance. Deb explains how she had a massive overbite, gaps in her teeth, and was overweight. She did not allow people to take her picture and always hid from the public eye. This is very common in women as we always find flaws within ourselves and try our hardest to hide them, or hide behind them in this case. 

I find her quote from the blog very key, because it doesn’t take perfection or the achievement of societies expectations. Confidence comes from within you, not the cosmetics on the outside. It is often found that the most beautiful, sweetest, and great people are not the prettiest or drop dead gorgeous. Deb gives to advice to find happiness within you, smile, don’t be afraid to let what’s on the inside out. She made the mistake of fixing her cosmetic problems before understanding who she really was. I believe everyone should learn from this, because it is true. 

The desire for confidence is infectious, and it can be an amazing thing. Aren’t we all jealous of those who are so happy and sure of themselves? Those who are well developed and have a goal to get somewhere? It’s a human attraction both in jealousy and intimacy. Guys enjoy looking at the girls who can walk the walk and portray a sense of confidence in who they are. 

Many times confidence will come with maturity and age, a sense of superego. However I find that many high-school are finding confidence in themselves through all the daily challenges of being a teenager.