Who Do You Dress To Impress?

“Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves, and of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked all the time.”

-Betsey Johnson


Some people believe that everything a girl does for her appearance (from painting her nails to picking out which shoes match her blue mini the best) is solely driven by the want to look good for males. As Betsey sees it, a girls will to look good goes far beyond boys.

Of course if I’m going on dinner date or out to the movies I’ll take the time to show my best face. Who wouldn’t want to in a situation like that? But the mascara I use or the clothes I chose to wear daily isn’t based off of a man’s preference. If I think it makes my eyelashes look 10’x fuller or a certain shirt complements my basically non-existent features then I’m going to use that to my advance to make myself feel good. Remember when we talked about making a good first impression? Those ideas weren’t limited to one particular sex; perhaps a girl is dressing to impress a boss or interviewer or sports recruiter (who very well could be a female).  It’s been said that “men aren’t huge fans of high-waisted pants, UGG boots, boyfriend jeans, and maxi dresses” yet celebrities everywhere are still taking advantage of these tends. Most guys (at least the ones I know) don’t understand fashion and are perfectly content with waking up 10 minutes before school, putting on a random shirt and jeans and not thinking twice about it. Girls on the other hand worry about what they wear, how many layers, what the weather will be like (at all points in the day), what statement they’re trying to make, etc., etc…..

The expensive Sephora makeup or the new clothes I buy, I wear because it makes me feel good and they are a part of me. My makeup is basically my face and I just don’t feel comfortable enough to go out into public without my face on. Plus it hides all my flaw which boosts my confidence. Then when it comes to clothes, I love shopping. I love buying cute shoes and sweaters and putting together outfits and getting compliments on them;(which are in-fact a majority from girls.) I love accentuating my figure and feeling fresh/polished in an outfit that I worked my butt off to afford. If a guy happens to appreciate my efforts, so be it, I’ll admit that getting a compliment from an unlikely source (men) can be a confidence booster, but I don’t strive to receive them.

When I get ready in the morning it’s for myself. I want to put my best face forward everyday so I can feel confident and give everyone an idea of who I am. Whoever wants to pay attention…go for it, I love an audience.


What college guys had to say on certain fashion trends:

  • “Ripped jeans….maybe you had a hungry dog or something, but i really don’t get them. My mom would be mad if I bought some tattered jeans for twice the cost”
  • “Yoga pants that have writing on them is just overkill. We’re staring at your butt already. Words on there just confuse our brains. Mixing learning with sex hurts”
  • “Maxi dresses…do you actually want to look pregnant? Is showing ankles in public inappropriate again? Is this dress named after the maxi pad?”
  • “Heels just make girls trip on the cobblestone. Not into them”
  • “You should learn how to flatter and enhance yourselves with clothing instead of trying what Lady Gaga did last week”