A Recipe for Comfort

A Recipe for Comfort:

  • 3 Good Friends
  • 1 bowl of macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes or meatloaf
  • A pinch of a sunny day
  • 7 hours of a good show on Netflix
  • 2 hours of a massage
  • A dash of relief


Comfort is the ultimate recipe. It is about providing someone with something to make them feel better. Comfort is being a good friend and giving someone the time of day. Believing in what comes around comes around means that if you provide someone with comfort, something will come to you. To be comforted means that someone cares about you, and to comfort someone means that you have a heart enough to take someone under your wing and make sure that they will be okay. Comfort is a combination of many things; atmosphere, food, the people around you, and what is currently sitting in front of you. Many people look for comfort when things go wrong, and they hope for people to surround them when the going gets rough.

Cooking up comfort

Cooking up comfort