Calm in “Little Women”

          The four (very different) sisters in Little Women are always getting into little fits of trouble and adventures together, being raised by their mother Marmee while their father is off at war. Jo (Josephine) March is actually the very opposite of calm. She is outspoken and loud, not afraid to speak her mind or take action to defend her opinion. There have been many accounts on where Jo rudely interferes with her sisters lives (and love lives) with her opinions. Her anger often gets the best of her. 

          When she ditches Amy to go to a play with her sister Meg and her love interest, Laurie, Amy becomes upset and burns Jo’s manuscript. Jo acts out, screaming and hurting Amy saying she will never forgive her, and doesn’t apologize even though her mother says to never sleep on her anger. The next day, while ice skating with Laurie, Jo tells Amy she can’t skate with them. In an attempt to fit in, Amy tries to catch up to them but ends up falling through the ice. Jo becomes nervous and fearful and instantly regrets not forgiving Amy the night before. 

Times like these are what bring the March sisters closer together and in a calm state. They are the most calm when caring for each other, their family, and tending to the community as well.