Impressions don’t end at fossils or dental impressions.

Stamps ie. rubber stamps are a small tool that consists of a handle attached to a piece of carved rubber and that is dipped in ink and then pressed on paper to print an imprint (impression) like a date, name, symbol, etc.

Rubber stamping or stamping, is a craft in which ink made of dye/pigment is applied to a carved or molded sheet of rubber in the shape of an image or pattern. The rubber is often mounted onto an object like wood, brick or an acrylic block. It’s uncertain as to who actually invented the first rubber stamp, but it should be noted that the history of the rubber stamp is closely intertwined to dentistry and the use of rubber in dentistry molds. L.F. Witherell claimed to have invented it ‘by accident’ when cutting out stencils from thin sheets of rubber packaging. However earlier another man supposedly used a curved piece of wood with rubber letters on it to stamp bath tubs in NYC.  Its even suggested that rubber stamps were once used by Native Americans in order to imprint patterns like birds, flowers or tribal symbols on their bodies that they would later on tattoo over. Early stamps were almost always made from engravings, “a design etched into a steel die, which was then hardened and whose impression was transferred to a printing plate”. Interesting enough, temporary stamps with simple designs can even be carved from particular foods like potatoes.

Rubber stamps have recently gained a reputation in an art form (mainly in the United States). Those who choose to carve their own rubber stamps go about it either with old-fashioned gum erasers, eraser-like rubber, or pre-supplied carvings sets. The print/designed that is carved can be used to embellish a work of art or be viewed as a work of art on it’s own. Art stamps available in intricate designs are used now-a-days for decoration of useful tings like letters or greeting cards, and are often combined with other techniques to create original artwork.

It doesn’t stop there! In politics a rubber stamp is also considered “a person or organization that gives automatic approval or authorization to the decisions of others

  • Did you know there are over 1000 rubber stamp manufactures in the USA and most are family own?