Sadness is a Disease

Sadness can take over a person, sadness can take over a city, sadness can even take over an empire.
A very wise man once said to me, sadness is contagious. This is so very true. When I go home and my mum is upset, my mood is ten affected because I am upset that she is upset and then I go to school upset and my tend become upset. As you can see it is contagious. Sadness takes over the lives if the people around you and then eventually takes over your own.
This is proven in the Middle Ages, the whole world was depressed at the exact same time and nobody could escape it. Every person was dirty and the living conditions were terrible and there was famine and disease, and one of the worst diseases was Sadness. People could not escape the sadness that followed every single person around. When one person became happy for a reason, something bad would either happen to them or to someone close to them. It was a terrible time for the whole world and it’s a miracle that the world ever recovered from it.
Sadness took over the world at that time and I don’t doubt it happening again.
The wise man that I mentioned earlier on, was the great Rory Dezzutti.



Sadness in “I’m Not Really Here”

The autobiography “I’m Not Really Here” by Paul Lake, is a book about a professional soccer players life and how and injury prevented him from being what he could have been.
Paul starts the book off with his childhood like any other autobiography. He starts to show the sadness in his life when he gets his irate injury. He was the up and coming player in English soccer, he was destined to be the best player of his generation and maybe even generations to come. He was playing in a game like any other when he swallowed his tongue and nearly died on the field.
He slowly recovered and started to play again about a month later, but there was always a fear in the back of his that something terrible would happen again.
And of course it did. He tore his ACL and was out for a whole year. On his returning game after a year of therapy, he tore it again and 6 months later he tore it one last time.
This forced Paul to retire and then the sadness kicked in. He went from being the golden boy of English soccer to a crippled 25 year old with no income. Things had gotten very bad. Paul became depressed and suicidal, he hit rock bottom.
This kind of sadness must be the hardest because he was riding so high and now was at the lowest of lows. Paul knows what life can be like when it is at it’s best and now he sees it at it’s worst.
This is a kind if sadness that takes years to overcome and a lot of therapy. Paul is now a married man and has a family, but he still occasionally struggles with depression and needs a lot of support to get over it.
This is the kind of sadness that I wish to never experience because it is the hardest to deal with.


Sadnees in Losing a Friend

Losing somebody close to me is the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with. It makes you feel every single emotion that is possible to the human mind and body. But the emotion that takes over your life is Sadness.
The sadness starts with crying and a very open way of expressing it but then it evolves into this sort of inner sadness that is nearly impossible to get rid of. It builds up inside of you and then one day, after many days of letting it build up, it all comes out.
This happened to me last Friday. I was inconsolable, nobody could get me to calm down or listen to a word that they were saying.
Losing a friend is a experience that I don’t wish on anybody but it is not possible to explain the sadness that goes along with losing a friend. I have lost grandparents and it is unbelievably hard to deal with a family member passing away. But losing a friend is a completely different experience.
When my grandparents passed away, it was sadly expected. They were in there 80s and we knew that it was going to happen soon, as bad as that sounds. But when a friend dies, especially as a teenager, it is unexpected and a huge shock. I’m not sure whether the shock factor that makes it so hard or if it is the question of “what could they have been?” Never being answered.
I hope who ever reads this never looses a friend and never has to go through what I have been through twice now. I wish that no other person has to go through what I have been through. I wish that the sadness that I have felt over the last few years, is never felt by anyone again. But the most painful thing is, I know that those wishes will never come true


Sadness in Happiness

There is people all throughout the world who put on a fake smile whenever they are around people. Usually the people who do this are actually the people who seem to be the happiest people and the class-clowns. In public they happy and seem to have no worries, but the second they are alone they are actually sad and even depressed. They feel like they can’t be upset when they are around people because it is not who they are. They may feel judged and out of place. The happiest people are sometimes actually the saddest.

People don’t think of looking for the sadness in those peoples lives, because they’re is no need to. Sadness comes up on anyone, it will go to anyone whether they are the most outgoing person in the world or just a quite good person. It is noticeable in most people, but the people that you would think are okay and don’t struggle with sadness are probably the people who need help the most.

Mike Bockrath for example. My brother and Mike were very close friends and Mike was over my house all of the time, so I grew to be pretty good friends with him. He was the man in the school. He had the swagger, the attitude, and the persona of a kid who was on top of the world. Nobody expected what was going to happen, but it did. He was obviously struggling with what was happening, but nobody ever thought that he would be. So nobody offered any help. 

So look out for the smallest signs in a friend or a classmate because it could save a life.


The Sadness of Sport

Sport. Yes, sport is one of the saddest things that happens to people. From a very young age nearly every child plays a sport. This is just setting them up for sadness. Sooner rather than later, the teams are not about just kids having fun anymore but about the team winning, so cuts are made and kids get upset because they have not made the team. Then once winning is made up to be the biggest deal with the sport, kids are upset when the lose a game. It is now wen the kids stop seeing the sport as fun, but rather as a duty to go out and win so they can be happy and not sad.

I love sports and my whole life revolves around them, this makes it so much harder to not get sad when I lose a game. When you devote so much time and effort into something and then the outcome is not what you wanted, you get sad. But when you put so much time and effort into something and the outcome is what you wanted, it feels amazing. That is what makes people come back to sports, the feeling of winning, but when you want to win s badly and then you lose, it hurts.

The thing that makes people the most sad when they play a sport, is the hope that you could win and then t is snatched away from you. For example, on Tuesday, it was the Litchfield vs. Wamogo soccer game and we were winning 3-2 with only 30 seconds to go when the Litchfeld team came down the field and tied it up to send the game into overtime. It was very saddening to not win the game but then to rub salt in the wound, Litchfield won the game with a minute to go in overtime. This is when I got the feeling when you are that sad, that you just stand and stare into nothing. I could feel my whole body sink and I just stood there emotionless, looking at the empty field in front of me.

Sport. Yes, sport does that to people.


Sadness in Teens


Some of saddest people on the planet. Teens, we get upset and angry and overwhelmed nearly every day. Some of us learn to beat it and move on from it, but others struggle each and everyday to wake up and go to school. Those people who hate waking up each morning because there dreams are better than there actual life. Those people who go to school and pretend to be normal and happy just so nobody asks them whats wrong. Those people are the ones who know real sadness, they know that it is not easy to move on from their problems, because every time they leave one problem behind, another comes up right in front of them.

I’m sad to say that I am one of those people. I try to hide this sadness in me but I sometimes struggle and sometimes I just can’t do it. People who see me every now and again have no idea, and even my best friends have no idea. This is true sadness, I don’t even have anything to be sad about, I just am. It’s not depression that I have, I just struggle to stay happy for very long because something always brings me down.

I know that there is other people in my life that have the same problem as me but I’m not going to go looking for them and strive to help them because it won’t work.

Teens. We can experience true Sadness


Etymology of Sadness


The word “Sadness” derived from the word “sad”, it means affected by unhappiness or grief. In Old English the word sæd meant having ones fill of food or drink. Then the word started to develop into heavy or ponderous. This meaning in the sense of mentally or physically full. Now in Middle English in c.1300 the word got the meaning of unhappy and serious. It replaced the word Unrot which was the opposite of the word Rot, which mean cheerful and glad. The word then evolved into Sad and started being used in slang as “very bad”.

The “-ness” in Sadness  is from the word Sorrowfulness, with the meaning full of sorrow  or grief.

“Smile, even if it’s a sad smile, because sadder than a sad smile is the sadness of not knowing how to smile.” – (A.A. Milne, Winnie The Pooh)

People use sadness most of the time to describe somebody who is not doing to great at that moment. Sadness gets thrown around like it means absolutely nothing, people treat the word sadness like the people who have sadness, they act like it doesn’t deserve the respect that it should get.

Sadness has been a huge part of my life, ever since I have been little, I have experienced a lot of sadness. It ranges from when my father used to work away from home and I would only see him every 2 or 3 weeks to when Mike died only 2 and a half short years ago. Then there is leaving friends to move to a new country and leaving my old life behind me. But one thing that people don’t know about sadness, is that it is silent. You can’t spot it from a mile away, it could be right next to you as you read this. But it is not the be all and end all, you can over come sadness but first you have to be able to see it.