Changing Comfort

Right now, we’re all just enjoying our last few months left of mandatory public education, before we are thrown into the big abyss known as “college”. Many of us are used to being away from home, on trips or just being with friends all the time. Others have never spent a day outside of New England, and are dreading it. The days of living on our own and becoming adults are closer than they appear. In mere months, we will be taking our first college finals, going to parties and breaking through our shell. Most of the people we have surrounded ourselves with for the past four years will only be memories and we will see most of these people in 10 years at the reunion. What is comfortable to us now, will not be the same comfort that we will have in a year’s time. We will divulge our secrets to our roommates, instead of the girl that you gossiped with in study hall. We will learn new room numbers of classrooms, and your best friend’s address will soon be the room down the hall, instead of the one down the block. These changes are coming faster than they appear, and you really start to learn that time flies, and it goes faster and faster every year. There is nothing that can slow it down, but the best thing to do is slow down and enjoy the changes in comfort, and embrace it in every way.

College bound? Or changing comforts?

College bound? Or changing comforts?

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