Sadness is a Disease

Sadness can take over a person, sadness can take over a city, sadness can even take over an empire.
A very wise man once said to me, sadness is contagious. This is so very true. When I go home and my mum is upset, my mood is ten affected because I am upset that she is upset and then I go to school upset and my tend become upset. As you can see it is contagious. Sadness takes over the lives if the people around you and then eventually takes over your own.
This is proven in the Middle Ages, the whole world was depressed at the exact same time and nobody could escape it. Every person was dirty and the living conditions were terrible and there was famine and disease, and one of the worst diseases was Sadness. People could not escape the sadness that followed every single person around. When one person became happy for a reason, something bad would either happen to them or to someone close to them. It was a terrible time for the whole world and it’s a miracle that the world ever recovered from it.
Sadness took over the world at that time and I don’t doubt it happening again.
The wise man that I mentioned earlier on, was the great Rory Dezzutti.


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