Reality: The Artificial Womb


Tokyo researchers and scientists have developed the EUFI technique (extrauterine fetal incubation), where they take a goat fetus and supply it oxygenated blood through a catheter that is inserted in a large vessel in the umbilical cord. They are placed in incubators that are filled with artificial amniotic fluid heated up. Yoshinori Kuwabara, the chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Juntendo University in Tokyo, became interest in artificial placentas after working with premature infants. As of now, he and his associates have been able to keep a goat fetus in the environment described above for up to three weeks. There was however technical difficulties and problems with the fetus. 

Although this idea seems extremely futuristic and perhaps creepy, we are still making unbelievable progress in controlling a pregnancy and making sure a baby comes into this world healthy and safe. Right now we have neonatology which gives infants mainly with health concerns special medical care. We are also able to work surgically on fetuses. There is the technology we have to assist reproduction: “in-vitro fertilization” and
“gamete retrieval-and-transfer”. Overall, its all very new and even more controversial. It’s shocking we have developed the technology to make the artificial womb. Who knows, maybe in a few decades that’s how we will be raising our children…


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