God Hates Figs

no i dont

The picture above is of several people protesting against the protests of the Westboro Baptist Church. As everyone knows the Westboro Baptist Church has openly protested against gay individuals with increasing severity in recent years. They have become the face of ignorance in the country and been renounced by every religion imaginable. The title of this blog is a parody of their classic slogan, which I’m guessing you can figure out. (I’ll give you a hint; switch the “i” out with another vowel to make a really offensive word!) This church has gone so far as to name their website with this phrase.

military protest


I went to their website to see what it was like and I can honestly say that I have never seen a website that was more offensive. They 
have a list of all their posts on the front page and the first two were them thanking god for the deaths of US soldiers. That is even more sickening than the anti-homosexual protests they have. Both of my grandfathers were veterans, one in WWII and one in Vietnam, and I can tell you that if they were still alive and they saw that, they would would go find Fred Phelps and hit him over the head with their oxygen tanks.

This church is full of hate and has drawn wide criticism from the general public, the press, senators and even the president. Their protests have sparked a lot of resistance. This may appear in the form of counter-protestors who parody their slogan. Gay students have kissed each other in front of groups of protestors, much to the horror of the churchgoers. Slogans such as  “God hates figs”, “God hates flags”, and “God hates Phelps” have appeared to mock the church. I personally find their hate to be disgusting and wrong.

In 1995 the church was bombed. The website states that the church was bombed by America because America is cow  space shuttleardly and was trying to put a stop to their protesting. I personally think it was done by a fairly brave guy who was just giving the church what it had coming to it. The church also states that because of this bombing, God has  decided to unleash his wrath upon our country by killing our soldiers with bombs, and then they thank him for the deaths of soldiers.

The Westboro Baptist Church is the most hateful organisation in America, and is in fact the most hated.

I personally hate the church after writing this blog and think that the people in it should be deported.antichrist

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