Adventure in Extortion/Espionage

ENTER: Me bound to a cheap wooden chair in a seaport warehouse beside a jetty in the south of France..

tied up

The last thing I remember is quietly following an elite group of Russian Anarchists called ‘The Resistance,’ commonly known as Сопротивление. My eyes slowly open – everything is blurry and heart is pounding through my chest. It is clear that I’ve been drugged. I’m sweating and nauseated and dizzy, and it takes me a while to make out my surroundings and the figures in front of me…

As my eyes focus, i make out 3 rugged gentlemen in seemingly expensive suits with muzzle-cut colt S&W pistols spray-painted black. The heavy-set man on the right pulls out some object and pushes a button – a television screen recedes from the ceiling. It is a video monitoring a woman in a similar situation to mine, except a gun is pressed violently against her head. I realized immediately that this is my wife. Now obviously I do not have a wife in reality – yet, in my dream, I recognize this woman to be my wife. They tell me that I have 96 hours to complete a specific set of tasks if I want my wife to live…

Same day: 1 hour later: center of town

I must have been knocked out because I found myself in the back room of a bodega somewhere in the city. I find a watch on my hand with a timer with around 95 hours remaining, a cell phone, car keys, and a folded-up piece of paper in my pocket with a set of instructions. The first instructions led me a few blocks down the road to where a Range Rover was waiting. The instructions then led me to an abandoned mall outside of town to meet up with a ‘The Dealer’ and collect some ‘equipment’…


This was no ordinary equipment! Various other-worldly guns and gadgets, including things like electro-magnetic pulse gloves that allowed me to scale any surface, a few other nifty things. The man explained to me what everything was and how it worked and what my next task was…


I headed back into the center of town to the tallest building – 137 floors. The building was shut down for some important meeting so I was forced to scale this behemoth of a structure…


One thing I forgot to mention – I needed to get to the 78th floor…

I begin my ascent. Within minutes, I am hundreds and hundreds of feet above the ground. The wind is blowing hard and one of my gloves loses its grip. I swing with my remaining hand uncontrollably and smack into the side of the building. I soon recover my grip…

After many minutes of climbing, I see a glimpse of an elevator door on one of the floors, and see the numbers ‘62.’ I had only 16 floors left. By now the battery on the gloves is beginning to quickly disappear. By the time I hit the seventieth floor, the battery shows only 6 percent. At floor 73, one percent remained. There was approximately 60 feet to go, and no more than 10 seconds of battery life. I made a snap decision and burst through the window of the 73rd floor. Alarms sounded violently, and within moments, I heard the loud footsteps of security. I had to think fast. I observed my environment only to realize their weren’t many resources currently available. I was trapped. Unless…


I ripped off my dogtags, threw them in the microwave in the lounge area of the room, and kicked the gas pipe in. I proceed to take off my belt and hang from the metal beam which once supported the glass pane which I had kicked in. At that moment, I was hanging out of a building 73 floors high – supported by a cheap leather belt. Within mere moments, I heard the guards enter the room, and seconds later, a large explosion. I lifted my head up slowly to see if the coast was clear. Yes. I was safe – for now…


I quickly made my way up to the 77th floor. My next instructions were to place a recording device inconspicuously into the room of the conference of what I later realized to be a meeting of the most powerful men and women in the United Nations. There was no way for me to just walk in and place it in there. I carefully crawled through the air vents, slowly making my way towards the 78th floor. Finally…

air duct

I placed the device in the end of the vent nearest the conference and headed back down – my work was done…


Upon getting out of the building, I call the men who had forced me into this and tell them that the job is done. Within moments I receive a video message of my wife getting released. I had done it. Thank god…


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  1. Jon:
    You ARE Walter Mitty! You have these crazy adventures in your blog posts….and they are quite interesting…and even adventurous!
    RUBRIC: Original and well organized story written in an interesting style and voice; words chosen mostly reflect author’s personality and brings content to life for the most part; sentence fluency is mostly achieved
    few errors; some formatting to help make the post easier to read; multimedia adds new information or perspective to post;not categorized or tagged


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