For the Love of God

Since I was little, one of my favorite parts about visiting my Babci was going up the street to the manor to visit  Sister Deborah. She is a nun that lives and worships there along with about thirty others. But for the longest time I never really understood what being a nun entailed. Nuns and priests make  huge sacrifices in order to pledge their life to God. At first, I just thought that their love of God was just that. They were just very religious people that were passionate about church and God. But actually, it’s a lot more than that. Nuns and priests don’t really have a life other than serving God 24/7. Most, like Sister Deborah, are not married. Rather, they are “married” to God. Personally, I don’t know if I’d give up getting married some day, having kids, and leading my own life. But for religious personnel God is their life and they couldn’t imagine living any other way. It’s sometimes hard to fathom that they really have that huge connection with the higher faith so much that they completely revolve around it. It’s not even about whether or not I am religious it’s just a hard concept to grasp. I couldn’t imagine myself in an abbey or in a place like the manor. It’s great to go to church and pray and have faith in your own religion. However pledging yourself so completely to it is a huge commitment that only certain people  have the ability to do. That form of sacrifice was very interesting to me and I really look forward to learning more about their way of life the more I visit them.

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  1. My niece Nora had a full scholarship to the US Airforce Academy. She attended for one year and then left to join a religious order of Dominican nuns. She will take her final vows next year…and then go to become a teacher. She felt a call that was very powerful…and I am not sure I understand that (she is very young) but I certainly respect her…as you do Sister Deborah. I am not sure that either of them would consider what they have chose n a sacrifice…but point of view matters, and you are certainly able to see this as a sacrifice you could or could not make…
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