What would you sacrifice? (blog 6 repost)

In class a while ago, we did a project where we had to make a list of our top 10 favorite things. 

1) Cuddling

2) Warm tea on cold autumn days

3) Waking up late

4) Feeling happy for no reason

5) Having a complete stranger do something really nice for you

6) The beach

7)  Bonfires

8) The cold side of the pillow

9) Pasta nights

10) Baby animals.


This was my list. For a while, we were a little confused at what this had to do with anything we were doing in class. Then all the sudden, there was a plot twist. We had to cross out one of the items on our list. For example, we were told to cross out number 3, then number 7, and so on until we only had 5 things left. My number one favorite thing was gone, metaphorically eliminated from my life. And this project got me really thinking about sacrifice. I thought about the common idea of getting stranded on a desert island and could only take three things. What would I take? Would I do the “smart thing” and take items key to survival, or would I assume the island is already stocked with necessary survival items and bring along sentimental things. It really is a hard concept to grasp because we feel that we’ll never need to consider these sacrifices. However, everyday around the world people are forced to choose between things and make these kinds of sacrifices. It really makes you appreciate what you have. 

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