“Hold my beer?”

Who was the first person to say “Hold my beer?” right before they preceded to do something beyond stupidity? Did they think you’d be one of the lucky few that managed to pull of that particular stunt on that dirt bike? Lets be honest, professionals train for months to be able to pull off such a stunt, and after a few beers did they truly think that they’d even be able to hold onto the handlebars, let alone go off a jump, through a flaming hula-hoop and into a swimming pool and somehow not get hurt? Did they ever realize halfway through their antics that luck is only so powerful, that there is so much that is not luck, and purely under their control?

One can put so much on the shoulders of luck. It is a heavy burden, a burden only matched by whatever holds our universe together. Luck is everything and nothing, and because of this nothing, there is a limit to the power of luck. Sure, one can look at their raw existence, pointing fingers at luck and saying “Its his fault!” Frankly, this is childish. Saying luck is responsible for everything is like saying all your actions were fated from the start, that no matter what you do or did, you were always going to do it, and because of that, it is not your fault. However, when responsibility’s ugly face pops through the door, you neglect it, ignore it until nothing is left but an empty husk of someone who chose to not accept that their life is not governed entirely by some abstract force, but by their own actions.

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  1. I am taking this post down for two reasons. One…this is a school blog, and as such, cannot promote alcohol. The video is inappropriate for school…second, there is no connection between your statements and luck if you bring in alcohol….
    BUT you will get credit for completing the blog.


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