Is Evil No More?

Throughout time, evil has been thought to manifest itself in evil actions carried out on purpose; it is the evil that drives people to commit horrible acts. When you think about it however, does a murder simply get up in the morning and the morning and say, ” I really feel like killing someone today”? Or are these actions driven by defects in our own brains, giving the wrong doer no choice but to carry out evil acts? ¬†Nueroscientists the world over, who are studying the mechanisms of evil in the brain say Evil doesn’t really exist in the human psyche. Instead it is some mis-firing of synapses or some genetic disorder causing these “evil” tendencies. “Autonomous, conscious decision-making itself may well be an illusion. And thus intentional evil is impossible.”. This is quite a new idea and it really makes you think about what is truly going on when someone commits a crime of some horrible magnitude. This idea brings up a whole new slew of questions. For example, did Hitler kill so many people because he wanted to, or because his brain was working incorrectly? Up to what point can a horrendous act be played up to faulty brain chemistry? Can individuals truly, conscientiously commit a bad act, or is it due to what’s going on in their brain? This is a very important idea, especially in today’s society, where this idea can be possibly used in a court case. So what do you think, is evil real, or do people commit acts of evil because of dysfunctional neurons?


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  1. This is going to be the next frontier…can evil be chemically controlled???… “O Brave New World, that has such people in it!!” You need to read Huxley, because he and Anthony Burgess both follow ideas like this in their literature.
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