Warm Bodies Review

warm_bodies Warm Bodies is a movie about a zombie, R, and a living girl, Julie, who’s relationship sparks in the midst of fighting during a human scavenger party. A relationship of this sorts was unheard of seeing as zombies eat humans and humans kill zombies… Slowly though, this new relationship starts to bring back the life in R. As his heart starts to beat, his being begins to warm. Julie and R must now work together to find a way to rid both people and zombies of their differences in order to work together and defeat the “Bonies,” a mutual threat to both species.



When I watched this movie, I wasn’t too impressed. The movie itself did not grab my attention as much as the trailers did. I thought the acting was just okay. The main character, Julie, reminded me of Kristen Stuarts and that was just unpleasant in my eyes. The movie is classified as a horror/ comedy/ romance, yet I only laughed a couple times during the whole movie. I was not scared enough for this movie to be considered a horror movie in my eyes. The only classification that actually fits this movie romance. This movie was a true romance movie because R and Julie’s love was forbidden and like all good love stories, they fought valiantly to preserve their love. In my opinion, this movie is not worth watching until it’s free on Netflix.


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  1. I am all for criticizing Kristen Stewart (not Stuart), so I understand what you mean (dead acting…long pathetic pauses, petulant lip thrust) but what about a reader who has no idea what you are talking about….can you be more specific?
    Thanks for the tip…I will put this on the Netflix queue!
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