Courage the Cowardly Dog

Every 90’s kid knows this cartoon about the purple dog, Courage.  The series was created by John Dilworth for  Cartoon Network as an American comedy horror series for kids.  It is about an anxious dog trying to protect his elderly owners, Muriel and Eustace, from evil monsters.  Courage loves Muriel  more than Eustace because she is a kind old lady who loves her dog and is oblivious to the danger around her.  Eustace is always portrayed as Greedy, wrathful  and mean.  Courage lives in Nowhere, Kansas and every day is a new ‘paranormal/supernatural misadventure with various villians.” (wiki) Courage is a frightened dog, but when Muriel is in distress or Eustace is in need of help he always faces his fear to protect them.

Courage portrays a good definition for ‘Courage’. It is when someone/something goes against their will to help or save others.

A unique interpret of Courage the Cowardly Dog  is from Creepypasta, “Courage will stay forever in Hell (Nowhere) to protect his home, keeping mankind (Muriel) safe from the evils of Hell (Le Quack [greed], Naughty Fred [murder], Katz [hate], etc.). His master Satan (Eustace) will rule over and hate all that is Hell (Nowhere). He is stuck in the middle of Hell and loves his home. He is Cerberus, our courageous cowardly dog.”

This is comparing the modern tv show to the ancient times of Greek Gods. I thought it was interesting to see the comparisons between the two stories. Courage represents the Hell Dog Cerberus who protects his kingdom and masters.,r:0,s:0,i:90&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=185&tbnw=165&start=0&ndsp=5&tx=100&ty=46

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  1. This IS interesting…especially since we will be reading about Milton’s version of Hell…and his Cerberus is especially frightening!
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