Stupidity in Pop Culture

Although society frowns upon stupidity, it seems to also look up to it.  The stupid are shunned… but only if they are part of “normal” society.  It seems that celebrities, who are external to what I am calling “normal” society, are idolized for their stupidity.

Take a look at American television.  So many of the shows, and some of keeping-up-with-the-kardashiansthem very popular, are reality shows.  These often show rich people acting stupidly (I’m looking at you, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”).  It’s not even just the shows, but reality itself.  Anytime a celebrity does something, the media is all over it.  Examples include Charlie Sheen and his cocaine addiction, Justin Bieber’s wreckless driving, or pretty much anything Britney Spears has done, to name just a few.

If people of “normal” society acted like this, everyone else would turn away from them, not focus their attention on them.  This is a baffling paradox: we love what we despise.  As Brad Paisley so eloquently puts it in his song “Celebrity”,

The more they run my name down, the more my price goes up

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  1. Matt: What is “it” in this sentence if “it” means two different things: “… it seems to also look up to it. “I will leave the opportunity to make a comment that includes “pronoun” “it” and “stupid” in the same sentence….’nuff said.
    Do you think your statement is true? “This is a baffling paradox: we love what we despise. ” OR are we (as a populous), interested in watching the antics of others BECAUSE that is our way of experiencing “stupid” rather than being “stupid”?
    Some new information on the topic; some flawed construction of new meaning; words chosen show an attempt at bringing the content to life; sentence fluency is achieved
    relies on multimedia for analysis.


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