Bryan Lewis Saunders: Sacrificing Reality for Art

       Bryan Lewis Saunders is an artist who performs disturbing tragic art performances such as rants, poetry, and “stand up tragedy”. He is most well known for his project where he ingested or inhaled a different drug every day for 50 days. When under the influence of a drug, he created a self portrait. Some portraits came out pretty realistic and well done. Below are some of those that are the least disturbing:


10mg of Ambien (insomia medication)





Ritilin (used to treat ADD)

   However, the majority of these portraits came out extremely odd and warped. Below are some of his most disturbing portraits. In these, it is still obvious that he is drawing himself.





        The rest of the photos here demonstrate how crippling some drugs can be, leaving this extremely talented and experienced artist unable to render anything even close to his appearance (or anything at all). 



Bath Salts


Computer Duster


Dilaudid (hydromorphone; treatment for chronic pain, 6-8x stronger than morphine)


Heroine (snorted)

       This man ended up in the hospital countless times due to his drug intake. He permanently changed his perspective on reality and the real world both because the drugs chemically changed how his brain worked and because he went through unnatural scarring experiences that he will never be able to forget. When it comes to how artists operate, many seek “experiences that might profoundly effect [their] perception on the self”, but in my opinion I think Bryan took it a step too far. I do respect what he did, giving his audience and viewers a chance to see how drugs effect a human being, but he destroyed himself in the process. Yes, Bryan continues to do art to this day, but he suffers permanent brain damage and will never be the same. Below is the link to his website where the rest of the 50 portraits are posted:



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