Hate: The Most Common Form

hatred-etymologyThere are many forms of hatred, such as self-hate, individual hate, and discriminatory hate. Discriminatory hate is the most common of the three and encompasses a wide range of types. Discrimination can be religious, racist, sexist, based on sexual orientation, etc. It has existed throughout human history in many different forms, ranging from passive hatred of a group, to all out genocide.

discriminatinoAmerica was founded on the principle that all men were created equal. The founding fathers who put this into the constitution then went home to oppress their wives and mistreat their slaves. It took almost two hundred years for this creed to be put into effect in our country, and discrimination is still seen everywhere you go. Although it is not legal anymore people still discriminate against non-WASPs. Women who go to businesses such as auto shops  may find that the price is higher if they do not have their husbands with them. Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Arab people will find themselves getting dirty looks on the street or being treated unfairly because of their ethnicity. Today many Americans fear Muslim people because they believe that all Muslims are terrorists. America is not perfect, which is shown by this ugly form of hatred.

Racism is a common form of hatred. The Europeans enslaved many Africans because their skin was much darker than their own. However religious hatred can be common also. The Crusades were a series of war based on religion. The Catholic Church felt that they were the superior religion to the Muslims of the Middle East, so they ordered Europe to provide them with soldiers so they could attack the Middle East. Hitler killed six million Jews because they didn’t fit into his description of the perfect race. He wanted only Christians. Religious discrimination is just as common as racism.

Genocide is the most extreme action that can be taken against a specific group due to discrimination. However there are many other Ku-Klux-Klanlevels that can lead up to this. First would be passive hatred. This level would simply be a dirty look, or unfriendly attitude towards someone because you dislike their ethnicity, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Next would be treating someone unfairly, such as charging more for services, because you discriminate against them. The next tier would be enacting laws separating them from society, such as was done to African Americans from the end of the civil war to the 1960’s.  Next would be removing a specific group from society, such as when America put all Japanese people into concentration camps during WWII. The final tier would be genocide, where one group tries to wipe out another group because of their ethnicity, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. There have been many genocides throughout history, the most famous being the Holocaust. These are horrible extreme actions taken due specifically to hatred.

Hate has many forms, but discrimination is by far the ugliest. It creates gaps between whole groups in society that can lead to horrible events such as genocide. It can also create tension and rivalry. Discrimination is the ugliest and most common form of discrimination.


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  1. You are trying to cover an enormous amount of history in one short post…as a result, you are equating unlike things with the same importance…EX:racism with religious intolerance-these are related, not the same. I am aware that is not your intent….but sometimes taking on too much can trivialize really important events.
    RUBRIC: New information on the topic or reflective; attempts to synthesize information and form new meaning; well organized and written in a somewhat interesting style and voice;
    few spelling errors; few grammar errors; multimedia is SHOCKING and adds new information or perspective to post; several links included that add to the reader’s understanding post; needs to be tagged


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