Adventure in Excess

                 Suuup, I’m Tyler. I am a high-octane thrill seeker. I am a competitive dirt-biker, ATV-er, a cliff-jumper, a wind-surfer, volcano boarder, canyon swingliner, cave exploring, extreme scuba-diver,   and am in a trick Jet-ski team. As a kid, I was on the ski team at school and was an Eagle Scout. However, I realized that I needed more . My thirst for adventure had not yet been satisfied. However, it looks like I got a little carried away because I’ve gotten myself into quite the sticky wicket: A Bonzai skydiving accident. To put it all into perspective, let me explain what Bonzai Skydiving actually is. It involves throwing a parachute out of a plane and then jumping after it, the aim being to free-fall with the parachute, strap it on and deploy it before hitting the ground. In my situation, my parachute had prematurely deployed. I was now plummeting to the earth at increasingly terrifying speeds, with my parachute descending nonchalantly through the crisp Wisconsin air, a few hundred feet above me. I wasn’t thinking about survival – probably because I had already decided that I’m dead. I could faintly hear the plane – until I couldn’t. It seemed as if I’ve been falling for days, yet it was only mere minutes. My life flashed violently through my eyes, as a recalled old memories from my childhood. I felt as if I was there: my dog laying lackadaisically on the front porch, my cat perched precariously on the handrail by the steps, my parents sitting so peacefully in their couple’s chairs by the screen door, and Me. I remember the sun beating down on me as I run around the property with my littlest dog, Teddy. I felt so safe. I wasn’t shocked that that memory was appearing in my mind, the memory in which I felt utterly and completely safe and comfortable. It was soothing, given that I will most likely me decorating the highway momentarily. I then acknowledged all the the things I meant to do – but didn’t. (However, It seems as if I’ve done everything imaginable, huh? – WRONG). Here I am, 25 years old, trying to figure out what I wanted out of life as it begins to end. I wanted a family – I wanted to be in the couples chairs, watching my children run around playfully with not a care in the world. However, It looks as if I’m not going to get that wish.


                With my last few minutes, I observe the scenery. One could imagine how amazing things look from that angle – a ‘Bird’s Eye View’’ – or whatever. I turn my head due to seeing something that appeared to be a car accident from the corner of my eye. Yep. Two semi’s collided head-on, releasing each of their contents in a pile in the highway. Still a few miles up, the wind hits, which slowly pushes me toward that gaggle of cars, which is now blocked by that giant accident. As I come to closer to earth, I’m slowly able to see things with better detail. The pile-up of contents, which once were inside the semis, now appears to be a pile of 25 or so mattresses. Now, about a kilometer from hitting the ground, I am directly above the mattresses, and a seemingly ridiculous thought crosses my mind – is it possible that i survive if I land directly on the pile? Nah, no freakin way. However, only time will tell. Oh lord, how it did. About 27 seconds later, I violently land on the assortment of Sealy, Simmons, and Serta mattresses, instantly shattering my forearm upon impact. I bounce off and land face down on the highway, breaking another couple bones. But, I could care less…

I had survived.



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  1. This is CRAZY…(I hope this is only a narrative possibility…)
    Love the phrase ” gaggle of cars”
    informational narrative:
    written in an interesting style and voice; words used are carefully chosen, memorable, and bring the content to life;sentence fluency is smooth and naturally expressive
    all words spelled correctly;few grammar errors; formatting makes the post more interesting and easier to read; multimedia adds new information or perspective to post; several links to places that add to readers understanding; links are relevant and “flow” within the content; post NOT categorized and tagged


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