Why are Humans Attracted to Evil?

breaking bad 640x360 Breaking Bad Scavenger Hunt: Aaron Paul Hides Tickets Around Hollywood For FinaleHumans, at least in some sense are attracted to evil. Whether it is in the media, the past, or in literature, evil always spikes human curiosity.This not odd being that from a young age we are told tales about murder, monsters, and cannibalism in the polite and convenient form of fairy tales. Now the question is, if we are so repulsed and disgusted by evil acts and ideas, why are we so drawn to them? The whole answer to this question lies somewhere deep in the human psyche, and in this blogpost I can only begin to scratch the surface. I believe that humans are interested in evil because we all seek something that we do not have. To most, evil is not part of their daily life and to see it in others in one of the most interesting things, to observe something so foreign, but still part of all of our natures.  For example, the hit TV show, Breaking Bad is so popular not because everyone who watches it is in some way hooked on crystal methamphetamine, but because all of the fans like to see something so radically different and dangerous and still in some way be able to relate to the characters or actions. Humans are not attracted to evil because they want to do harm to others or commit some evil act, humans are attracted to evil because we are interested in the exotic dealings of life, the dealings that distract us from our repetitive days.

” They were big and little creatures. Some were hairy with long, thin tails, and some had noses long as pokers. Some had bulging eyes and some had 20 toes. In they came — crashing through the door, sliding down the chimney, crawling through the windows. They shouted and cried. They banged pots and pans. They twirled their tails and tapped their toes upon the wooden floor. He watched as the trolls gobbled the food and threw the plates and drank everything in sight. They continued to shout and scream, to scratch the walls and pound the floors and slap their tails upon the table. The tiny trolls were the worst of all. They screamed at the top of their lungs and pulled each others’ tails.”

~The Brothers Grimm



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  1. From Breaking Bad to fairy tales? You need to transition this idea???!!! Why did you select this particular passage? EXPLAIN!
    Informational post: synthesizes learned content and constructs new meaning; needs transitions
    words used could be more carefully chosen, memorable
    few grammar errors; formatting could make the post more interesting and easier to read
    multiple pieces of multimedia; multimedia adds new information or perspective to post; post is fully categorized and tagged


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