The Evolutionary Importance of Hate



 Hate is considered to be one of the most powerful emotions. It originates in the oldest parts of the brain and is believed to have been an important part of tribal existence. Hatred is an innate emotion, it is not a social construct as we like to think. It is one of the most motivational forces in our minds. Hatred can be activated without us ever being conscious of it.


Hate is the primary emotion that helped drive the early tribes. They formed alliances to fight those that they hated. Hate was the joy that they felt when they were anticipating a battle with a rival tribe. It is the blood lust and desire to fight that the tribes had. Hate can be kept alive for a very long time, and would only disappear when the enemy had been vanquished and was no longer a threat. Evolutionary speaking, hate was vital to the survival of early tribes, as they used it to fight their enemies and to stop other dangers and disasters. It created competition between two people or groups. Hate is what kept us alive when danger presented itself.

Emotions create reactions in us that we would not consciously have. They are innate and subconscious. These emotions are important to us because they drive our instincts and compel to act in certain ways. The ancient tribes used emotions such as hate to stay alive in the face of danger and to fight in battles.

In today’s world hate is important because it drives us to succeed. We hate those who disagree with us or who represent something that we don’t like. These feelings are because of our drive to be successful in the face of adversity.

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