Adventure After Success

Madison, Wisconsin: 4 Years ago: Excerpt from the journal my foster parents forced me to keep to express my emotions or whatever….:

All I ever had in my life was football – no family, no friends I’ve kept for a long time, no real home. The one constant in my life was the sports teams at my school – whatever school I was attending at the time. I should explain. I’m Jordan, 17 years of age, and have lived in 17 different foster homes, and played on 8 different high school football teams all over the country. I’ve learned every approach to the game and live, breathe, eat, drink, digest, ingest, absorb, and inhale football. In 17 years, I have never really left the town I was currently living in as Id didn’t feel a need to. Everything, besides the foster situation, has been relatively simple up to this point. I want to say it’s a bad thing, but it truly is not. I have no worries, no stresses, and my goals are clear impacted and over-thought due to some ‘vast, worldly knowledge.’ I have this under quotations because my philosophy teacher seems to go on rants about his experiences all over the darn planet, and how each and every one has made him this all-around great dude. I feel like people grow and change in their own ways and shouldn’t be pressured by this guy who thinks everything that leaves his mouth is pure gold.

Anyways, back to my story…

One day, I would like to play in the NFL, and when that doesn’t pan out, I’d like to be an Oncologist. Who knows, scouts from the best school all over the northern part of the country come to see me play – so, anything is possible. We’re a pretty good team, and haven’t lost a game in two years, and we’re on our way to a Three-peat in the state championship. With everything doing good in the field, and at home (finally), school work doesn’t seem as bad as it originally did. With everything seeming to be panning out well, it has become easier to focus on my future. These last few quarters have been the best I have ever done!

Excerpt: 3 Years Ago: University of Wisconsin, Madison: First Day:


            So, I made it: a full, all-expense paid scholarship to U Madison. This is great! Everything is looking up! I’m eighteen now, and the foster system is behind me. I don’t have a care in the world. I mean, sure, the work is quite difficult, and takes up a lot more time, but I’m learning to be pretty good at it. My guidance counsellor said that if I am in the top 10% of my class by the end of the year, I would get some sort of collegiate athletics grant for having good grades and being a Division I team captain. That sounds really amazing! Oh, and I forgot to mention, practice started over the summer, and I was promoted to team captain as of the first game! Not to celebrate, but, the old quarterback had some kind of freak-out and dropped out of college, the first-string quarterback slot was mine for the taking!

Furhtermore, I’ve realized that the simple life was where I’d benefit the most. I don’t need crazy experiences or any of that. I believe all I need in this life is a goal and the knowledge of how to get there. Adventure comes later – when I’ve accomplished all I’ve set out to – no time for that now.

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  1. Where are you coming up with these ideas??
    You have a great fiction voice…maybe this is your niche???
    well organized
    Written in an interesting style and voice; words used are carefully chosen, memorable, and bring the content to life;
    sentence fluency is smooth and naturally expressive
    some grammar errors; formatting need to make the post more interesting and easier to read; multimedia adds new information or perspective to post;


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