What if Comfort Didn’t Exist?

Harry Harlow

This monkey clings to the softer monkey

Comfort is one of the things that helps define society the way that it is. In sociology class, I learned that in a study of newborn monkeys; they spent 22 hours a day on a warm, cloth monkey with no food versus 2 hours a day with a cold, hard, wire monkey that had food. The results prove that you need comfort in this world to survive. Rene Spitz conducted a study in post-WWII England in an orphanage. The children received top-of-the-line medical care and nutritious food. But 37% died, seemingly because they lacked comfort and love.

These two studies, to me, showed that everyone needs a comforting touch and love. This is why we hold newborn babies tightly and hug a small child when they fall off their bike and scrape their knees. This symbolically helps us feel better and lets the person know that they are not alone, and that comfort is nearby. There are many people, mostly thought of as men, who hide their feelings and when tragedy strikes, they hide and think that they are “too strong” for any sort of comfort. But bottling up your feelings will only hurt your situation.

Comfort is something that is needed, no matter who you are. It helps shape that you are and your emotions as well. Food, clothing, and shelter are only the bottom basics of what you need to keep yourself alive. Comfort is what shapes who you are and your social interaction as a human being. The monkeys in the study I mentioned above were in isolation, and after six months in isolation, they became socially awkward and couldn’t handle being in a group of people. Showing signs of comfort to an infant is an early sign of showing love, comfort and interaction to create a socially healthy human being.

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    informational post: attempts to synthesize information and form new meaning;
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