Stupidity: It’s a Competition

Have you ever seen someone dare someone else to do something stupid?  And darethen seen the dare-ee actually do it?  And even more surprising is when a third person says that they will do something even stupider!

This baffles me (not that I have never been a part of this scenario).  There must be some reward to acting stupid or else no one would act in such a way.  Then, if there is a reward, logic dictates that stupidity must be a competition.  People actually try to out-stupid each other.

So what is this reward?  Well, I have never seen anyone get money or a prize for acting stupid.  Perhaps the reward is respect, from oneself and from others, but then again, stupidity is looked down upon.  The reward must be some feeling of self-fulfillment.  None of this really makes any sense, but that is the nature of stupidity.  Stupidity does(n’t) have a mind of its own.

Danger - Stupidity

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  1. First off, you start this as a competition…but how does your conclusion ” Stupidity does(n’t) have a mind of its own” fit with competition? Second, “stupider” is not a word.
    This is short…void of examples….but the graphic is cool!
    Informational post: unsuccessful attempt to synthesize information and form new meaning;
    written in a somewhat interesting style and voice; sentence fluency is mostly achieved
    some formatting helps to make the post easier to read
    multimedia adds new information or perspective to post;


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