Cold Winter, Fresh Comfort

It’s a cold, winter day. A winter storm has just hit the region. Power has been knocked out; the power lines have been downed. Wow, this could be something to go down in the record books. The weatherman didn’t have any idea that the storm could bring the snow up past your kneecaps. You wrap a blanket around yourself and sit in front of the fire with your parents and older brother, listening to the radio, sipping hot chocolate made from the hot water you could get from the generator. This is really spooky, and being with your family makes all the difference. Being with people you love in times of uncertainty truly does make you feel better.

The next morning, the skies are clear. The snow plows haven’t even touched your road yet, but the storm has passed. Everything outside is a frosty winter wonderland. Icicles hang from the trees like Popsicles on sticks. You go outside and shovel the walkways and deck with your brother, but take an occasional break to have a snowball war with the fresh, packing snow, perfect for making the perfect snowball. When you’re a kid, there’s nothing that feels better than to have a snowball war with a sibling or friend, no matter how old you are.  Soon, you are called inside by your mother. The power is back on. You’re shaking, and you drop your boots, coat, hat, gloves, and mittens on the floor. The house smells heavenly. There, on the stove, is a huge pot of chili. Macaroni and cheese is in the process of being baked, and the mashed potatoes are being prepared. You take a scoop of everything, steaming and piping hot, and head into the living room. You change into fresh sweatpants and a hoodie from the dryer and sit in a chair by the fireplace. Your favorite TV show is on and there are fresh, thick blankets from the dryer ready to serve their purpose. Life can’t get any better than that.


I think that one of comfort’s strong suits is winter. Winter storms can be scary; there is always the thought of downed power lines, trees, and car accidents. New England can be beautiful but deadly. I know that occasionally during I storm I get worried and think about what could go wrong. Comfort plays a big role when it comes to recovering from the storm. After shoveling, all I want is something hot to eat and/or drink, and warm myself up. Nothing feels better than comfort in the winter.

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